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TM Forum’s Management World 2013 is May 13-16, 2013.
Join us next year in Nice, France!
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Exhibitor A-Z Information

24 Hour Work Double Decker Booths  Submission of Technical Drawings
Access and Event Hours Electricity Stand Partitions
Alcohol Empty Packaging Storage
Build Height Restrictions Exhibition Floor Visa Application
Business Center Exit Doors Waste Disposal
Children Internet Deadlines
Dismantling Parking  Hanging Structures
Distribution of Promotional Material Smoking  PR Information
   Set Up  

24 Hours Work

24 hour working at the Convention Center Dublin is not permitted.  Please click here to view the Build
up and Dismantling access times.

Access and Event Hours

For a full list of Set Up, Dismantling, Exhibition and Registratoin hours, please click here.


It is prohibited for any contractors to be under the influence of alcohol while working at the venue.  TM Forum
and the Convention Center Dublin reserve the right to remove anybody from site who does not adhere to this rule.

Build Height Restrictions

  • Maximun height for Island Booths is 12 feet.
  • Maximum height for In-line Booths is 8 feet.
  • Please click here to view techinical floor plans
Business Center

SNAP IFSC has been appointed  by the TM Forum as the official buisiness center for Management World Dublin. 
Only an 8 minute walk from the Convention Center, Snap can assist you with any of your last minute printing needs.


All food and beverage consumed on The CCD premises must be purchased through The Convention Centre Dublin
Hospitality department. For a full menu, please contact CCD Hospitality (Claire.Foley@theccd.ie).


Anyone under the age of 18 years is not permitted in the hall during build-up or dismantling.


The following document has been designed to keep all the upcoming deadlines outlined for you.  Please keep in mind not every deadline will pertain to each sponsor.  Click here for the document.


Please click here for the full timetable.

  • Management World Expo closes on Thursday, May 24th at 2:30pm
  • Under no circumstances can exhibitors begin dismantling or packing prior to 2:30 pm on Thursday.
    Exhibitors are asked to not continue with hospitrality on their stands after the show closes, in the
    interest of safety.
  • Electrical pwer to stands will be switched off promptly at 2:30pm on Thursday, May 24th.
  • Internet will be switched off throughout the entire conference at 2:30pm on Thursday, May 24.
  • Dimension 8 will beging dismantling starting at 2:30.
  • Dismantling of Space Only Stands- All stand fitting materials, structures and flooring are to be removed
    by 10 pm on Thursday, May 24.
  • We strongly advise you not to leave any valuable items unattended on your stand during this time.
  • It is the Exhibitor's responsibility to remove all waste from the premise upon the completion of
    dismantling the stand.
Distribution of Promotional Material

It is strictly prohibited to distribuite promotional literature in any way other than from your stand area.

The Exhibitor will not paste or otherwise affix or exhibit advertisements anywhere in the building except on its
stand and/or where granted as part of the Sponsorship.  The Exhibitor may distribute advertising matter only from
its stand (which does not include the gangways) unless specifically stated in the sponsorship.  TM Forum will
remove any promotional literature found outside the sponsored space.

 Double Decker Booths

If your company is sponsoring a Double Decker booth, all stand plans are required t obe approved by the
Structural Engineer (additional fees will be the responsibility of the sponsor).  All techincal stand plans are
due to Edwin Whelan, edwin.whelan@theccd.ie by March 15. 


Electricity is not included in your booth space.  Please order all electrical needs through Dimension8. 
All Hospitality Suites and EAS rooms include one power strip.

Empty Packaging

  • All Aisles must remain clear during construction days.
  • If the exhibitors or their contractors have not removed all empty packaging by 10am Tuesday, May 22,
    TM Forum and Dimension8 may order their removal, with all costs associated to be charged to the
    exhibiting company.  TM Forum does not take any responsiblity for material removed.

 Exhibition Floor 

There are red and green carpet tiles throughout the exhibition halls.  Please note that all exhibitors and contractors
should only use B3/A5 Exhibition Tape when fixing anything to carpets and enxure it is lifted and removed at the end of
the show.  Exhibitors who leave tape on the floor at th end of the event will be subject to a dilapidation charge of at least 
€15.00 per linear metre, depending on the damage.

 Exit Doors

Exit door lighting, fire signage and safety equipment signs must not be obstructed unless permission has been given
by TM Forum.  Fire Extinguishers are not required at each stand; therefore all stands must stay within their sponsored
area, in order to ensure access to fire extinguishers are clear.

Hanging Structures

No hanging structures or banners are allowed in the exhibition space.   


One complimetnary IP address is included in each booth space if ordered by April 25.  All internet must be ordered by April 25th.  Internet cannot be ordered after this date nor onsite.  Please send your completed order form to: expo@tmforum.org.  Any techinical questions you have, please contact onlineorders@theccd.ie.



There are 321 low-ceiling underground public car parking spaces on The CCD site; Spaces can be reserved directly with the operators Parkrite by telephone on +353 (0) 1 542 5600. If the public car park below The CCD is full, the nearest car park is located at the National College of Ireland, approximately two minutes’ drive away and the Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC) is about five minutes’ drive away. These car parks offer 400 additional spaces in total.

The Convention Centre Car Park

Opening times

Monday to Saturday                       7.00am to Midnight
Sunday                                         8.00am to Midnight

Hourly rate                                         €3.00
Daily rate                                           €15.00
Evening Rate                                      €9.00 – valid from 5.30PM to close

Note:  Pre-booking Group Discount rates available.

Group Discounts

Day Rates

  • For a booking of 10 cars or more maximum of €12 per day
  • For a booking of 20 cars or more maximum of €10 per day
  • For a booking of 40 cars or more maximum of €8 per day.

Evening Rates

  • For a booking of 10 cars or more maximum of €8 per day
  • For a booking of 20 cars or more maximum of €7 per day
  • For a booking of 40 cars or more maximum of €5 per day.


  • On Guild Street (coming from Samuel Becket Bridge) take the first right turn and then right turn down the
    ramp to the car park under the Convention Centre building.
  • Along North Wall Quay past the front of the Convention Centre and take the next Left Turn, take the next
    left and then left turn down the ramp to the car park.

Contact Details
Please contact Park Rite for further information in relation to parking for events.
Tel:         01 542 5600
E-mail    info@parkrite.com

Types of Payments accepted: Cash; Credit Card, Visa or MasterCard

Process for Lost / Damaged Tickets

  • The customer should to the Automatic Pay Station located in each of the Car Park Lobbies
  • They should press the help button for assistance
  • The operator will then assist them

Pending the set up of Remote Monitoring a Park Rite Car Park Attendant will be available to assist customers.

What is the process around change not been given out?
In the event that the a client has an issue the Car park attendant will be available in the car park to assist

Is the car park manned at all times?
Pending the set up of Remote Monitoring the car park will be manned while the car park is open.

In an emergency who should be contacted.
The following is the list of contact numbers in the event of an emergency.
Park Rite Call Centre                                       01 602 2500
Car Park Manager            John Maher        086 609 0320
Operations Manager      Pat Magennis    086 225 6837
General Manager            Mark Feeney     086 536 6000


On-site parking is limited for HGVs, long wheel base, transits and sprinters. In order to maintain a free flow of
access into and out of the service bays and the East Access Road, HGVs etc. arriving on site will be subjected to
the pre-determined timeframe for unloading and re-loading, that will have been agreed and communicated beforehand
by the Exhibition Organise Vehicles will be directed to the Tedcastles Car Park on North Wall Quay, where they will be
met by a member of our Security Team. Once at the Tedcastles site, the driver will be logged, given an access permit
and informed of the approximate waiting time. Once their pre-determined slot is available, they will then be asked to
proceed to The CCD for un-loading or loading. Our Security Team operating on site remains in constant dialogue with
the officers at the Tedcastles site and control and maintain the access to and from The CCD. Any contractor operating
outside of their allotted time slot will be asked to move their vehicle. There is a public waiting area located in the Topaz
Service Station, close to Dublin Port, on Promenade Road, which is perfect for HGVs and long wheel-base vehicles.
Please also note the HGV 5-axle ban in force throughout Dublin City Centre, by checking the Restriction Zone Map on
the www.hgv.ie website to plan your access point and route beforehand.

PR Information

Registered Press and Analyst List

In the weeks leading up to the event, we’ll be sending you email updates which will include the event registered press and analyst lists. In addition, the most recent version of the registered press and analyst list is available for you to download 24/7. Just follow this link. [link to download] 

Reserving Meeting Rooms in the Press Center: You can now reserve meeting rooms in the Management World 2012 Press Center. These rooms can be reserved in 30 minute or 60 minute increments on the hour and half-hour for registered attendees who have secured meetings with registered press/analysts during the event. Meeting Rooms can only be reserved for meetings between registered press/analysts and registered attendees for the purpose of briefings to support industry research, publication stories, newsletters, or reports. They are not intended or available for business-development meetings.

Meeting rooms are available during press room hours only. The last day to pre-reserve a room is May 16th. After this date reservations can be made on a first-come-first-serve basis at the event.

To reserve a meeting room with a press/analyst at the event, please send the following information to Lucy Hawkins-Adams:


  • Registered company

  • Registered company leading representative name

  • Registered company leading representative contact number for the event

  • Press/analyst name, and publication or firm name

  • Date requested

  • Time requested

  • Duration requested: 30 minutes or 60 minutes (on the hour or half-hour only)

We cannot guarantee availability of requested time.
Incomplete requests will not be considered.

 Online Media Center: In order to assist you with any other media related questions, please visit our Management World 2012 Media Center website. There you will find answers to many of your questions, including the process for requesting a TM Forum quote for your press releases. 

Show Daily: We are happy to place Exhibitor and Sponsor news into Management World 2012’s Show Daily Day 1 news. Please email your final press release by Friday, May 18th, to Anita Karvé at Akarve@tmforum.org. We will honor all embargoes.

Set Up Hours

Please click here for the full timetable.
  • Expo Set Up begins Sunday at 9am
    • All Exhibitors who ship through Interflow will find their boxes at their booth at 9am.
  • All stand builders will need a badge.  Contractor Badges can be picked up from Reigstration



In accordance wit hPublic Health (Tobacco) Act, 2002, Section 47, Regulations 2003 and the Tobacco Smoking
(Prohibition) Regulations Act 2003 (SI 481/03), it is offence t osmoke in any enclosed workplace in Ireland.

Smoking is prohibited througout the CCD including any temporary demountable structures.  All Exhibitions, events and
other activites will implement a smoke free policy during all stages of build up/ open period and breakdown.

If exhibitors or contractors wish to smoke they may do so outside of the venue in the designated venue smoking area.

Submission of Technical Drawings

Fully detailed and scaled plans are required bsubmitted for all Space Only Stands.  All Plans and associated
documentations must be submitted in English by March 23.

Stand Partitions

All Space Only stands must provide their own self-suportive back walling where backing onto a neighboring stand or
perimeter walling, with the minimum height being 2.5m.  Any partition wall above 2.5m in height that is overlooking neighbor
stands must be dressed from the rear in a neutral color without logos or branding.  All Shell Sheme stands are permited
to decorate their stands p to 2.5 m height.  Pelase refer to the Package Details section for more information.


No Excess stock and literature or packing cases or other flammable materials may be stored in any unauthorized areas or voids. 
Please contact Interflow, the official freight handling agent, if you require storage of items outside the Convention Center.
Visa Application

Many countries are required to obtain a Visa Prior to arrival in Dublin, Ireland.  Please contact your local High Commission
website for details.  If you require invitations letters to support your applications, please send the following information to register@tmforum.org:

  • Full Name, as shown on Passport
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Passport number
  • Date of Issue
  • Date of Expiry
Waste Disposal

In order to comply with the Protection of the Environment Act of 2003 and assocated regulations, the Licensee will be
responsible for all cleaning and waste disposal for which the CCD does not accept responsibility either under the Hire
Agreement (ad the Schedule of Services) or pursuant to special arrangements mutally agreed between The CCD and the Licensee or the Exhibitor.












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