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Business Process Framework

The Business Process Framework (eTOM) is a critical component of Frameworx, the TM Forum’s blueprint for enabling successful business transformation.

It is a comprehensive, industry-agreed, multi-layered view of the key business processes required to run an efficient, effective and agile enterprise.

All of Frameworx, including the Business Process Framework, is created and evolved by industry leaders and practitioners in TM Forum’s collaboration community.

What is the Business Process Framework?

It is a hierarchical catalog of the key business processes required to run a service-focused business. At the conceptual level, the framework has three major process areas, reflecting major focuses within typical enterprises:

  • Strategy, Infrastructure, and Product
  • Operations
  • Enterprise Management

What is the Business Process Framework?

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6 Things You Can Do With the Business Process Framework

  • Create a common language for use across departments, systems, external partners and suppliers, reducing cost and risk of system implementation, integration and procurement
  • Adopt a standard structure, terminology and classification scheme for business processes to simplify internal operations and maximize opportunities to partner within and across industries
  • Apply disciplined and consistent business process development enterprise-wide, allowing for cross-organizational reuse
  • Understand, design, develop and manage IT applications in terms of business process requirements so applications will better meet business needs
  • Create consistent and high-quality end-to-end process flows, eliminating gaps and duplications
  • Identify opportunities for cost and performance improvement through re-use of existing processes and systems

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Overview & Impacts of changes in the Business Process Framework (eTOM) Release 14.5

It is highly recommended that you read the summary of changes made in the release, which can be found in the release notes here.

A number of questions have arisen about impacts the introduction of a domain structure to the Business Process Framework may have:
What happened to the Level 1 horizontal processes? While the Level 1 horizontal processes do not show in the clickable model they have been retained as a Level 1 horizontal process category in the model; any implementation of the Business Process Framework can retain them if desired, although they have not been defined for the Market/Sales or Product domains.

What about backward compatibility? Core processes (current Level 2 processes) were retained along with their decompositions (L3s and L4s), so backward compatibility should not be an issue.

How can a current implementation, prior to this release, be migrated to this release? Create the Market/Sales, Product, and Customer domains and move the core processes in the existing Marketing & Offering Management and Customer Relationship Management Level 1 horizontals to the domains as shown in the clickable model. A recommended option is to include the new core processes in these domains, shown in the clickable model, as part of the migration.

• Will conformance to the Business Process Framework be impacted? Conformance Certification is to a specific release, so there is no impact on any conformance certifications that have been done prior to this release.

The Frameworx project team believes you will find his release’s enhancements useful and invites you to participate in its continued evolution.

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