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About the TM Forum


TM Forum is an established industry leader, with more than 24 years of experience bringing the industry together to solve critical business issues. From just eight members when it was founded in 1988, to more than 900 members today from communications and beyond, TM Forum has grown and evolved to meet the needs of the changing market. Click below to view our history.

1988  1988-1998  1998-2008  2008-2010  Today

  • The OSI/Network Management Forum is founded by eight companies:
    • Amdahl, Corp
    • AT&T
    • British Telecom PLC
    • Hewlett-Packard Co.
    • Northern Telecom, Inc.
    • Telecom Canada
    • STC PLC
    • Unisys Corp
  • The Forum vision is "accelerated availability of interoperable network management products"

1988 - 1998

  • Membership grows rapidly to 250 member companies in 35 countries.
  • Service Provider Integrated Requirements for Information Technology (SPIRIT) committee is established, today known as the Service Provider Leadership Council
  • Collaborative development of technical standards accelerates, with output including:
    • OSI/NM Forum Protocol Specification
    • OMNIPoint management interoperability initiative – a complete kit of deployable specs, models and requirements
    • SNMP/CMIP interworking package reflecting multi-protocol management environments across computing and telecom environments
    • SMART TMN initiative launched to bridge gap between service provider needs and supplier products. SMART TMN is the precursor to the NGOSS program, today known as Frameworx
    • Service Management Business Process Model published – the first authoritative work on telecom business process re-engineering, and the precursor to today’s Business Process Framework (eTOM) model

1998 - 2008

  • With a broadening remit, Network Management Forum (NMF) becomes the TeleManagement Forum
  • The TeleManagement World conference series is introduced, hosting the first Catalyst Showcase – a unique rapid collaborative development program.
  • In 2000, the NGOSS program is launched, with a mission to make ‘plug and play’ interoperability a reality. Over the next eight years, there will be seven releases of the NGOSS frameworks which include the Business Process (eTOM), Information (SID) and Application (TAM) frameworks.
  • In 2003, the Business Process Framework (eTOM) becomes an ITU standard, making it  the defacto industry standard for business processes.
  • TM Forum Business Benchmarking program, today the largest communications service provider benchmarking program of its kind, is launched.
  • The OSS through Java (OSS/J) initiative becomes part of TM Forum, creating a single global organization for OSS/BSS standards
  • TM Forum’s online community is launched in 2006. Today, the community houses more than 65,000 collaborating member professionals.
  • TM Forum introduces an extensive webinar and training program for members.
  • In 2007, the TM Forum Excellence Awards are launched.
  • The Global Billing Association (GBA) and Internet Protocol Detail Record Organisation (IPDR.org) become part of the TM Forum
  • By 2008, TM Forum membership has more than 600 member companies around the world.


  • Membership grows to more than 700 members in 195 countries
  • TeleManagement Forum becomes simply known by its common name, TM Forum
  • Management World Africa and Middle East conferences are launched
  • The IPsphere Forum becomes part of TM Forum
  • Business Process Framework (eTOM) v8 is launched, with explicit alignment to ITIL
  • The Blueprint Program, later launched under the brand name Frameworx, is launched to align the core frameworks with SOA principles


  • Market sector focus programs for Defense Communications and Cable are established
  • The Management World Asia conference is launched
  • New Online Collaboration Community is launched, growing to more than 10,000 users within its first year
  • Cloud Initiative and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council are created to remove barriers to large enterprise cloud adoption
  • TM Forum Insights Research group is launched, providing independent market analysis and thought-leadership for all Forum members


  • Frameworx 10.0 is launched as the successor to NGOSS, a suite of standards providing the blueprint for effective business operations, enabling service providers to assess and improve performance using a proven, service-oriented approach to operations and integration.
  • Frameworx Conformance Certification program launched, simplifying standards-based product procurement and offering independent assessment of conformance
  • Online Community grows rapidly to more than 50,000 users
  • The one-day Spotlight event series is introduced around the world
  • Chairman Keith Willetts recognized for contributions to the Communications Industry with Global Telecoms Business “Editor’s Award”