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TM Forum Frameworx


Results of the 2012 Frameworx Adoption Survey

In September and October 2012, TM Forum conducted its second annual survey to measure adoption of the Frameworx suite of standards.

TM Forum Frameworx best practices and standards provide the blueprint for effective, efficient business operations. Frameworx enables you to assess and optimize performance using a proven, service-oriented approach to operations and integration. Download the detailed results here.

In March of 2013 Heavy Reading also published a Service Provider IT Insider report entitled Frameworx Proves Valuable Tool for Implementing SOA  which includes user case studies, benefits and trends in usage and adoption. This report is available at no charge to TM Forum members and TM Forum is pleased to offer a discounted rate to companies who have not yet joined. Learn more and get the report here.

Executive Summary

This extensive survey of TM Forum members assessed service provider experience in and plans to adopt Frameworx. More than 130 respondents from 87 leading service provider companies were surveyed, with 70% of respondents from the top 100 global communication service providers in the world.

The survey results confirm the continued depth and breadth of Frameworx adoption. 91% of all companies represented in the survey results are using Frameworx and 72% of companies mandate Frameworx in many or all of their specifications, up from 63% in 2011.

In addition, 75% of all the respondents mandating Frameworx during procurement said that whether or not a product or solution is conformant to standards is an important influence on their purchase decision. This puts the companies who have earned the valued TM Forum Frameworx Conformance Certification Mark for their solutions or products in a leading position.

Service providers around the world are using TM Forum Frameworx to streamline their operations both to reduce costs and enable the rapid design, development and deployment of new services. 83% of all respondents affirmed that Frameworx plays a key role in enabling the deployment of new services and 66% said it will play an important role in delivering digital services.

TM Forum continues to work with members in its collaboration community to make sure that the standards, best practices and tools found within Frameworx meet the needs of the industry. Learn all about Frameworx 12.5, the latest release.

Download a .pdf of the 2012 survey results here.

If you are interested in seeing the history, you can also download a .pdf of the 2011 survey results here.

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