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Subscribe to Database

Subscribe to Database

More than 170 service providers from over 65 countries use the TM Forum Business Benchmarking Program’s accurate and relevant performance data.
The TM Forum Business Benchmarking Program has been developed by service providers and stands alone in providing high quality business performance data to the industry. The program gathers quantitative metrics ranging from tactical to business performance data. It also conducts qualitative service provider surveys and creates detailed study reports on topics of service provider interest.

Access to the secure Benchmarking Database allows you to do the following:
  • See aggregated metric results
  • View data from different periods
  • Filter on region, number of subscribers, etc.
  • Print results, develop correlations
Get comparative industry data to use in sales discussions—from a trusted, independent source—with a 12-month subscription to the TM Forum’s Business Benchmarking Program.

TM Forum Business Benchmarking Subscription

Subscribers receive:
  • Access to all archive reports covering the previous 2 years.
  • All reports published during the subscription period.
  • Secure access to the Benchmarking database for a period of the subscription. i.e. 1 year.
  • Benchmarking Database access includes access to all research streams
  • Analyst support to help you understand how to leverage and interpret the data
  • Multiple licenses.

COST: Pricing varies according to membership type. To learn more contact benchmarking@tmforum.org.

Note: For those service providers that participate in a benchmarking study, they get their personalised study report free, plus subscription access to the Benchmarking Database for a period of 1 year for the specific research steam that they have provided data for.