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Integration Framework

The Integration Framework defines how to use Frameworx to design, architect and implement your enterprise. It provides direction on how operational processes can be automated by utilizing standardized information definitions from the Information Framework to define standardized, reusable Service Oriented ArchitectureA computer systems architectural style for creating and using business processes packaged as services (SOA)-based Business Services. The Integration Framework also provides an automated means to create standardized interfaces and use these interfaces to integrate applications within the enterprise and with partners.

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What is the Integration Framework?

The Integration Framework is a set of standards that supports the interoperability between applications defined in the Application Framework via TM Forum interfaces. The interfaces are defined in terms of the Information Framework's entities/attributes, and the requirements for the interfaces from a business process perspective come from the Business Process Framework.

The interface patterns are standardized ensuring optimal interoperability on implementation. The Integration Framework acts as the glue that holds together the other Frameworks in an implementation: This is why the Integration Framework is shown in the middle of the Frameworx graphic.

5 Things You Can Do With the Integration Framework

  • Follow a blueprint for designing and implementing your management systems solution, reducing development time and lifecycle costs by following industry architecture standards
  • By using standardized processes, information and applications together, create an environment of repeatability and well understood integration across systems, improving quality, consistency, and interoperability in your management solutions
  • Use the Integration Framework standardized interfaces to integrate management systems from multiple vendors, reducing systems integration time and risk
  • Define a new interface for your systems or products, and implement the interface using the Integration Framework tooling, speeding up development time. Contribute the interface back to the TM Forum as a standard.
  • Make changes to systems to support delivery of new services quicker than ever, by having a highly flexible, well understood systems environment that enables low-risk modification.


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