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Standardized Interfaces & APIs

One of the most important parts of the Integration Framework is a set of standard interfaces that enable rapid, repeatable, and flexible integration among operations and management systems.

Descriptions of TM Forum standardized interfaces can be found here.

Each of these interfaces can be downloaded from the Download Center

6 Benefits of Standardized Interfaces

  • Reduce full lifecycle costs of networks and services through use of well documented, consistent interfaces
  • Integrate management systems with each other while minimizing cost and risk
  • Reduce cycle time for putting new network equipment in service with shorter management system integration and test cycles
  • Reduce cycle time for getting new services to market with repeatable management systems integration
  • Reduce development costs for adding new management capabilities with developer kits and reusable designs and code
  • Easily share management information across departments, subsidiaries or with partners 


Operations Management Interfaces

TM Forum has a growing set of interfaces that are designed to manage converged networks. These interfaces incorporate the best components of TM Forum’s widely adopted Interface Suites (OSS/J and MTOSI), as well as input from 3GPP, and are being built to become a key part of TM Forum's API family to manage networks and services in the converged environment.

The current list of new interfaces includes:



In the age of the digital economy, services are typically delivered through a sophisticated partnering of multiple providers who are all using different systems and interfaces. TM Forum is developing an API family that will enable services to be managed end to end and throughout their lifecycle in this environment where multiple partners are involved in the service delivery. The APIs allow simple and coherent management of any given service and provide developers key design patterns to enable rapid implementation.  Visit the API ZONE to learn more and start using our REST APIs.

Interface Suites

TM Forum maintains four additional interface suites. These interfaces have been used across the communications industry for many years and are widely deployed. Each of these interface packages has unique properties. Click on each to read more.

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