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Mobile Services Performance

Implementing Information Framework


Non-Subscribers:  $4,975  

Participants/Subscribers:  $FREE

This report is free to subscribers of TM Forum’s benchmarking database and participants in the study. Request more information:  benchmarking@tmforum.org


Assess the performance of your mobile services business
Customer retention is a key strategic initiative in all mobile operators. Contract lock-ins will hold subscribers for a period of time, but are insufficient in the long run. Managing the Quality of Customer Experience (QoE) is a more productive approach to long-term customer retention. Leading operators have found the right balance between retention and profitability.

The Mobile Services Business Performance Study enables business owners to gain a deeper understanding of critical Quality of Customer Experience indicators, showing
  • What their current performance is
  • How it compares to industry leads and laggards
  • How expectations vary from 2G to 4G
  • How performance correlates with revenue and profitability
  • Comparative performance by sector, through online benchmarking database access
The Mobile Services Business Performance study is a continuing study developed to provide insights into critical business performance indicators. It includes metrics focused on Customer Experience as well as Revenue and Margin performance.

TM Forum Business Benchmarking data will change the way you think about your mobile operation and enable you to act.

Participating Service Providers receive secure individualized reports showing their performance on each metric and have access to broader results in the benchmarking database. This is an absolutely free service to Service Provider members of TM Forum.

A report with aggregated results is available for a fee to nonparticipating service providers.

Subscribe to TM Forum’s Benchmarking Database
The TM Forum Business Benchmarking database includes more than more than 26,000 data points gathered from 170 service providers in more than 65 countries. Subscribers to the database get secure access for up to 3 licensed users who can:
  • See aggregated metric results
  • View data from different periods 
  • Filter on region, number of subscribers, etc. 
  • Print results, develop correlations
Subscribers to TM Forum’s benchmarking database also receive access to the final reports from all studies conducted during the year in which they subscribe as well as the two years prior and 2 hours training/support for access to the Benchmarking Database.

For more information and pricing please e-mail benchmarking@tmforum.org