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Big Data Analytics Summit

Visit the Big Data Analytics Forum at Management World Nice 2013
May 13-16, Nice, France

Effective analytics are the key to realizing the true value of data. Whether you're focused on driving customer loyalty, discovering new opportunities, reducing fraud or monetizing your data, uncovering the information you need isn't easy. Even when you have it - what do you do with it? This Forum gives you practical tools and techniques to help you move faster with effective big data analytics, exploring the business, regulatory, legal, cultural and technical issues.

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Keynote speaker Peter Crayfourd, of Qifa Solutions talks about the move to using 100% of transactional data and big data analytics instead of averages to determine true user behavior.

TM Forum's Big Data Analytics Summit 2013 is over! The summit bought together leading service providers, market analysts and all of the big names in Big Data, the forward-looking, education-packed two-day Summit combined keynote perspectives, case studies, debates, panels, interactive sessions and networking opportunities that maximize every participant’s opportunity to network and generate ideas that can be implemented immediately.

Join us next year for TM Forum's Big Data Analytics Summit 2014! Information coming soon.


Venue Address

Movenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre
Piet Heinkade 11
1019 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 20 519 1200
January 29-30, 2013


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2013 Conference Agenda

TM Forum’s Big Data Analytics Summit tackles issues the communications industry is facing through key topic areas:

  • DEVELOPING your Big Data Analytics Initiative Plan
  • Using Big Data Analytics to Enhance the Customer Experience
  • Using Big Data to increase sales and grow your brand
  • What is happening now, and what is on the horizon

View the agenda for the full list of sessions

With Speakers From:


Verizon Wireless Google EbayPortugal Telecom MicrosoftCapgeminiKPN

2013 Keynote Speakers

Rob Rich"Exploiting the potential big data analytics has to offer"
Rob Rich, Managing Director, TM Forum Insights, TM Forum

Tom Fastner"What does Big Data mean in the context of eBay?"
Tom Fastner, Senior Member of Technical Staff and Architect, eBay

Matt McNeill"Big Data Analytics at Google: Changing the Game, Enabling a New Approach to Service"
Matt McNeill, EMEA Lead, Business Solutions, Google Enterprise

Peter Crayfourd"Big data to drive big change"
Peter Crayfourd, Group Head of Customer Lifestyle and Experience, France Telecom, Orange

Manuel Sevilla"Using Big Data to create an 'actionable reality'"
Manuel Sevilla, Chief Technical Officer for the Global Business Information Management Top Line Initiative, Capgemini

Michal Henn"Using Big Data to create an 'actionable reality'"
Michal Henn, Head of BI Consulting & Professional Services, Amdocs

Scott Sobers"Using Big Data to create an 'actionable reality'"
Scott Sobers, Director, Teradata

Lawrence Telfer"Using Big Data to create an 'actionable reality'"
Lawrence Telfer, Senior Customer Intelligence Analyst, Customer Experience, Customer Team, Everything Everywhere

The Keynote Perspectives program at TM Forum's Big Data Analytics Summit 2013 explores how service providers must be able to react to the ever-changing consumer marketplace by making quick, informed business decisions. A vast amount of customer information is collected across the organization, and by identifying, correlating and analyzing the right data properly, service providers can get an accurate view of their customers' behavior at a glance.

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