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TMF519, Service Delivery Framework (SDF) Business Agreement, Release 1.1

The landscape of today’s information and communications industry continues to rapidly change. Organizations operate using more complex business models, while new providers continue to enter the market. Network and Information Technology operations are converging, and Information Technology expands its footprint from supporting services to becoming part of the Service to customer in order to introduce new services more quickly to the market. Customers and end-users expect to be able to blend these existing and new services in any way they choose and to have the services available anywhere, anytime, and through any chosen access means.

Delivery of next generation services happens in a framework where the lines between network and IT are blurred. Within this framework, profitability as well as customer experience can be driven by managing the complete service lifecycle in a SOA aligned environment.

Given this context, TM Forum identified the necessity to define a Work Program named Service Delivery Framework (SDF) with the objective of providing a reference in the industry on management of “next generation services”.

The first document produced within this Work Program was the TM Forum TR 139 - “Service Delivery Framework (SDF) Overview”, where a first definition of SDF was provided and a Reference Model for the SDF identified and described.

The Service Delivery Framework (SDF) Business Agreement (BA) documents the Business Objectives and the Business Requirements of the SDF. Such requirements are divided in the following specific categories: 

        • Requirements on the SDF Integration Infrastructure; 
        • Requirements on the SDF Managed Entities; 
        • Requirements on SDF Management; 
        • Requirements on SDF Functional Capabilities; 
        • Requirements on SDF support for Customer, Supplier and Partner relationships.

All Business Objectives and Requirements contained within this document have been captured in a Requirements Management Tool, where information such as the original source for each objective or requirement is registered in addition to each specific objective or requirement text.

This document (and all its requirements) is intentionally designed and produced as “agnostic” to existing TM Forum standards and guidelines. The intent is to provide a concrete set of requirements imposed by the SDF without any link/binding/constraint to existing artifacts developed in TM Forum.

On the basis of the requirements contained within this SDF Business Agreement, the next steps in the TM Forum SDF program will be to develop an Information Architecture document and to provide technical specifications to meet and address the identified requirements.

One of the main objectives of such next steps will be that of verifying the appropriateness of TM Forum and other Industry Groups / Standard Organizations’ standards / recommendations to meet the SDF requirements. This future task will be carried out by verifying the appropriateness of existing standards and recommendations of TM Forum, other Standard Organizations and Industry Groups, to meet these SDF requirements. Possibly necessary modifications and enhancements to existing standards or recommendations will be produced or the production will be delegated to other organizations.

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