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Business Metrics Automation

TM Forum’s Business Metrics Automation Certification Program enables software providers to test and certify their adherence to TM Forum Business Metrics syntax and use of the Business Metrics Automation interface.

The organization seeking certification bears the responsibility of self-certifying their implementation of TM Forum Business Metrics. The Business Metrics Automation Certification program tests the ability of the supplier’s product to interact securely with the TM Forum Business Benchmarking Portal.

Business Metrics Automation Certification is only issued against individual products, not companies or individuals.

Why Does Business Metrics Automation Matter?

Automation ensures consistent, accurate, and ‘apples-to-apples’ comparisons for both benchmarking studies and internal dashboards.

For Suppliers: Differentiate your products and solutions by implementing TM Forum standard metrics and automated, secure data collection and dashboard connections.

For Service providers: Ensure consistent, accurate, and apples-to-apples comparisons for both benchmarking studies and internal dashboards by procuring products with TM Forum Business Metrics built in.

How Do I Get Certified?

  1. Schedule a briefing with TM Forum to identify the Business Metrics applicable for the product you want to certify – review Business Metrics groups ahead of time
  2. Finalize the metrics and interface specifications that must be implemented in your product or solution
  3. Agree and sign the contract for the Business Metrics Automation Certification
  4. Receive the Test Package, which outlines scenarios to test the implementation
  5. Conduct the formal Business Metrics Automation Certification test 
  6. Publish results and receive Business Metrics Automation Certification Mark for use in marketing 
The typical timeline for certification of both the metrics and interface is 3-6 weeks once both have been implemented in your software.

Contact businessmetricsautomation@tmforum.org to get started now.