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Business Process Framework

Getting Started Pack

The Getting Started Pack is a series of introductory documents to help you learn about the Business Process Framework and how to use it in your organization. If you are new to the Business Process Framework, it is recommended that you read the Primer, Concepts and Principals and User’s Guide in order.

Getting Started Pack Document List

Primer (approximately 25 pages)
The Primer assists new readers and users of Business Process Framework by providing an introductory view of the concepts, goals and structure of the Business Process Framework.

User’s Guide (Approximately 10 pages)
The User’s Guide provides guidelines to assist users of the Business Process Framework in applying it within their businesses.

Business Process Framework Frequently Asked Questions (Approximately 16 pages)
This document acts as a repository to collect information on recurring issues and questions, as they arise, and can be regarded as a living document.  It aims to document approaches based on industry experience that can be used by a company and adapted to its business needs.

Guide to Applying the Business Process Framework (Approximately 25 pages)
This document provides information and guidance to users in how the Business Process Framework can be applied within businesses, and the implications for maintaining alignment with the Business Process Framework when extensions and/or adaptations are made in the course of applying the Framework.
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