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Customer Experience Management

Catalyst Program

Get Involved in Catalysts

TM Forum's Catalyst program provides a way for members to come together and collaborate on short-term projects that address critical operational and systems management challenges or opportunities.

Catalyst projects enhance TM Forum best practices and are designed to present rapid solutions to pressing issues.

The findings are showcased during live demonstrations at TM Forum Management World. Learn more about Catalysts. 

Current Catalysts in Customer Experience Management

At Management World 2013 taking place May 13-16 in Nice the following Catalyst will be featured:
Measuring the Touch Points of the Customer Lifecycle

The very real world scenario of a consumer watching a live video of a road race on a mobile device gives rise to complex partner interactions, mobile money, cross sell and upsell opportunities and device management. This Catalyst is comprised of three demonstrations under this scenario that address these management challenges during various customer interactions.

The Advancing Customer Experience Management and Analytics with Demonstrable ROI demo leverages TM Forum’s Business Metrics and Customer Experience Management Index to describe how big data and intelligent analytics can help to deliver the next generation of digital media services.

A Proactive Technical Care demo will show how to proactively monitor, detect and interpret technical device, data and network experience issues/opportunities and drive effective issue resolution or smart cross/up sell across channels, and will highlight the use of real-time decisioning within TM Forum’s Application Framework as part of the Customer Problem Management area.

Finally, a Mobile Broadband Monetization demo will measure and investigate customer expectation on mobile broadband with smart device and explore how to improve the customer experience on high data consumption scenarios including real-time data consumption notification and data package adjustment on-demand.

Champions: China Mobile, SingTel, Bell Canada
Participants: Ventraq, IBM, Suntec, Amdocs, Sunday Sky, Mformation Software Technologies, Huawei, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication

Contact Steve Cotton at scotton@tmforum.org for more information.