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About TM Forum's Catalyst Program

TM Forum Catalysts are short-term collaborative projects led by our members. They create solutions that address today's most pressing operational and systems challenges and develop and enhance TM Forum best practices and standards, including Frameworx.

The challenges are defined by end users such as communication and digital service providers, MSOs, defense agencies, enterprise IT departments and more. The solutions are created by multi-company project teams with at least three different member companies, most often technology suppliers.

At the culmination of these projects, Catalysts have the opportunity to display their findings with live demonstrations at TM Forum flagship events. The next set of Catalyst projects will be selected in January 2014 and will present at TM Forum Live! on June 2-5, 2014 in Nice, France. The Call for Catalyst Proposals for projects to demonstrate in Nice is now closed.  A list of selected Catalysts is now posted, and members have the opportunity to join an existing project at that time.

The most recent demonstrations were made at Digital Disruption 2013 in San Jose, California.  Prior to that, demonstrations were also made at Management World 2013 in Nice, France

Learn more about the Catalysts that were showcased in San Jose

Learn more about the Catalysts that were showcased in Nice

What is a Catalyst Demonstration?

Why participate in a Catalyst Project?

Both service providers and suppliers receive extensive business and technical benefits from participation in Catalyst Projects

  • Cost effective collaborative research and development including use of
    TM Forum best practices and standards
  • Close collaboration between service providers and suppliers yields high
    quality results
  • Business relationships grow from trust and knowledge gained during
    project lifecycle
  • Extensive marketing exposure before, during and after TM Forum Live! events
Read more about the Catalyst Program Benefits
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