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Management World 2012

Call for Catalysts

Join in the Catalysts for Management World Americas 2012

What is the TM Forum Catalyst Program?
TM Forum’s Catalyst program takes an innovative approach to creating leading-edge solutions through short-term projects. It provides a neutral collaborative environment and process for working together to solve common, critical industry challenges that culminate in live demonstrations at TM Forum’s Management World events and contributions to improving TM Forum best practices and standards.

Championed by end users (service providers, MSOs, defense agencies or enterprise IT departments), and executed in collaboration with solutions providers, Catalyst projects deliver prototype solutions, ensuring meaningful standards that add value to your business.

What do you get for participating?
Catalyst participants gain intimate knowledge of the industry and TM Forum standards, work with customers and partners in a collaborative fashion, and gain significant marketing benefit. Here is just a snapshot of some of the companies that have participated in past Catalyst projects:

TM Forum's Management World Americas 2012 (December 4-6, Orlando, Florida) is the premier communications event for the industry, where Catalyst solutions will be on display for more than 1,500 decisions makers and industry leaders from around the globe.

We are inviting additional service provider sponsorships and participant supplier/integrators to join in any of the Selected Catalysts at Action Week, Baltimore, Maryland, July 16-20, 2012 where Catalyst teams will finalize team members, agree roles and responsibilities and work through their Catalyst demo scenarios. Please contact Nora Doherty, Catalyst Program Manager to facilitate the introductions to the Catalyst team leads and TM Forum staff mentors if you have something to offer these Catalysts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company participate in a Catalyst project?

Participating in a Catalyst project is one of the best ways to benefit from your TM Forum membership. Benefits include:

Virtual R&D:
  • Learn how your solution works with others in the industry in a hands-on environment
  • Collaborate on best practices
Rapid and Cost Effective Results:
  • Catalyst projects take place over a set amount of time, so results are typically guaranteed in less than 6 months
  • End users (service providers, MSO, defense agencies, enterprise IT departments) get the results they want without the constraints of an RFP process and huge investments in their labs
  • End users gain invaluable knowledge as to where they should make key investments
Develop working relationships:
  • End users (service providers, MSO, defense agencies, enterprise IT departments) gain exposure to a variety of vendors and can directly influence product development
  • Vendors get real requirements first hand from end users 
  • Formal business relationships and partnerships frequently develop due to trust built up over the project lifecycle
Marketing Exposure:
  • Substantial exposure at Management World via dedicated presentation times, show guide, signage
  • Marketing opportunities pre- and post-event (web, News Central, press interviews, press releases, etc.)
What are the requirements and cost to participate?
  • All Catalysts must have at minimum, four industry vendors and a single industry champion who is a service provider, MSO, defense agency, enterprise IT department or other end-user.
  • The cost for Management World Americas is $5000.
  • End user participation is free.
  • All participants must be a TM Forum member in good standing.

Key Dates

Open Call for Additional Participants: Ends August 17, 2012

Management World Americas 2012: December 4-6, 2012

Teams Submit Project Results: December 28, 2012

Helpful Links & Resources

Catalyst Selection Process and Guidelines

Catalyst Program FAQ

Catalysts provide a unique opportunity to work with partners and customers alike in a non commercial environment. A fantastic melting pot in which some really good ideas are being cooked up."
- Greg Scullard, Director, CTO Office, Comptel
The TM Forum organization support and logistics were excellent and the positive feedback we got from attendees regarding the potential of our Service Delivery Broker Catalyst Project to Service Providers during and afterwards the event exceeded our expectations. It was truly a pleasure being able to participate and we thank the TM Forum for giving us that opportunity."
- Antonio Cruz, Software Architect, SAPO (PT Comunicacoes)
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