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Cloud Summit

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Turning the Cloud Promise into Business Reality
November 9-11, 2010

The global cloud computing market is expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 28 percent from $47 billion in 2008 to $126 billion by 2012, according to IBM and based on various market estimates. The Cloud Summit will deliver real user case studies and many opportunities for communication and information exchange.

For enterprises:
  • Hear how to best exploit cloud computing for maximum ROI
  • Gain insight into the latest innovators and adopters
For Communication Service Providers:
  • Understand the cloud services models, relative operational challenges and their associated revenue potential.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on SLA negotiation, security, customer lock-in, reliability and billing systems.
For technology vendors and application partners:
  • Find out how to improve your offering to the market and optimize future product development
  • Hear how to benchmark your organization against competitors in this fast-moving market.

Agenda Key
Cable SessionsCable SessionsDefense SessionsDefense Sessions
Revenue Management SessionsRevenue Management SessionsAnalyticsAnalytics
Strategies for Cloud Buyers and UsersTuesday November 9, 2010 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Chair: Vijay Kanchi, Partner, EMC Consulting, EMC
Summit Keynote: Lessons from an Early Cloud Adopter – How the Washington Post Company has Developed its Cloud StrategyAgility is key to business success in the world of accelerating change that we all live in. The ability of an organization to take advantage of any new opportunity is often dependent on how quickly new solutions can be delivered, changed and scaled in the marketplace. This reality is acutely apparent at The Washington Post Company, one of the largest diversified education and media companies in the world. The organization is embracing the cloud with a multi-pronged approach to respond to the new “normal” in a cost-effective manner.
Yuvi Kochar, CTO & VP-Technology, The Washington Post Company
Summit Keynote: How Should Enterprises Determine their User Requirements?Understanding your requirements is key to successful migration to the cloud, and they vary according to the nature of your business. So how does the enterprise want information, data, and other digital services to be delivered and consumed? How should the cloud buyer specify requirements in terms of performance, minimising costs, and scalability. Users must also be clear about what their security requirements are, and must pinpoint data storage, retrieval, and access criteria.
Douglas Menefee, CIO, Unspecified
Update: Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (ECLC)Cloud computing is enabling organizations from every vertical to shift expenditure from ‘business as usual’ to innovation and growth. This change in focus is driving new customer value and is at the heart of what the ECLC is achieving. By identifying business requirements the ECLC is enabling the take-up of cloud services, removing risk and driving the standards that create an open and exciting marketplace. This comprehensive update will review the collaborative work initiated by Database-as-a-Service and Virtual Cloud Reference Implementation. Lastly, we will discuss new contributions such as Business Process for Cloud, Desktop-as-a-Service and Cloud Service Definitions (taxonomy).
Sean Kelley, Global CIO, Asset Management Division, Deutsche Bank

SLAs and Cloud MonetizationTuesday November 9, 2010 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm
Chair: Joseph Sifer, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Panel: Negotiating and Drafting a Robust SLA that Satisfies both CSP and EnterpriseResearch shows that SLAs are a top concern for cloud buyers. This session will explore the question of accountability by looking at requested and required policies for the enterprise buyer as well as for the cloud service provider. Using SLAs to reflect the business goals is an essential step in the relationship between cloud buyers and suppliers. They are also essential to the automation and zero-touch policies that are integral to the cloud services value proposition.
Elisabeth Rainge, Vice President, CSP Operations, IDC
Robert Cohen, President, GridMiddleWare Spectra
William Hurley, Chief Technology Officer, Westcon Group
Donald Keane, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy, Angel.Com
Okay. I'm in the Cloud...Now What?The monetization of services is one of the most hotly debated topics in the cloud. This session examines how Intuit, a large North American SaaS provider, has addressed the issue, and is now positioned to flexibly and rapidly deliver competitive and attractively priced cloud services. The session will examine the real world challenges faced and demonstrate how Intuit identified and implemented a workable and cost-effective solution.
Chris Lomeli, Chief Billing Architect, Unspecified
Paul Hughes, Director, Product Marketing, Oracle Corporation

The Cloud Eco-SystemWednesday November 10, 2010 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Chair: Steve Crawford, VP of marketing and business development, Jamcracker, Inc.
Keynote Extended Panel: Buyer Meets ProviderThis panel session will bring together the key stakeholders in the cloud eco-system to investigate cloud services as they change the way information and digital services are delivered and consumed. What are the requirements and barriers to entry for enterprise consumers and to what extent are these being effectively addressed by service provider offerings? The panel will also examine the opportunity for service providers and the ramifications of the cloud business model on the communications eco-system, and examine the role of standards in removing risk and barriers to entry.
Joe Weinman, Worldwide Industry Solutions Executive, Hewlett-Packard
Douglas Menefee, CIO, Unspecified
Alan Conley, CTO, Network Management Technology Group, Cisco Systems
Andy Schroepfer, VP of Strategy Enterprise Services, Rackspace Hosting
Hans Gyllstrom, Advisor to Michael Harte, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Keynote Panel: Making Cloud Applications Work for YouUsers, service providers and vendors will discuss in this session how the business value of the cloud can be optimised. Cloud-cloud and infrastructure interoperability, and data portability will be addressed, along with an evaluation of public vs. private clouds and hybrid cloud management challenges. The session will also consider the challenges of handling multiple third party ISV applications delivered through the cloud, syndicating third party cloud applications through your own OSS/BSS system and the role of App syndication for Small-Medium Enterprises.
Joe Graves, CIO, Stratus Technology
Jack Zubarev, President, Service Prodiver Worldwide, Parallels
Michael Crandell, CEO, Rightscale
David Nelson, Chief Strategist, Cloud Computing, Boeing Company
Marc Ferrentino, Chief Technical Architect, Salesforce.com

Standards & Cloud ManagementWednesday November 10, 2010 11:15 am - 12:45 pm
Chair: Alan Conley, CTO, Network Management Technology Group, Cisco Systems
Panel: Standards Developments in the Cloud – DMTF, ITSMF, ITU, CSA, OMGIt is through industry standards that barriers to adoption of cloud services will be removed and an open and vibrant market can be achieved. They are needed to address security, data portability, interoperability, vendor lock-in, service definitions (taxonomy), cloud APIs etc. But the development of standards must not hinder time to market – a fine balance must be struck. How can the industry achieve this, whilst protecting the interests of all the stakeholders in the cloud eco-system?
Enrico Ronco, Senio Project Manager, IT Labs, Telecom Italia Group
Jamil Chawki, Core & Cloud Standard manager, Orange
Jenny Huang, Standards and Industry Alliances, AT&T Inc.
Evolving Dynamic Cloud Management SolutionsDynamic cloud management encompasses virtualization automation and management of the interface across the private and public clouds. Riding on top of this is the enterprise need to ensure data integrity and portability coupled to identity and access rights management. Consumers and providers of cloud-based services are coming together to determine standards for data center automation, expectations of service quality and delivery and transaction security. How far have we come? What works in practice?
Cliff Meltzer, Chief Development Officer, Technology and Development Group, CA Technologies, Inc.
Defense SessionsWith the Move towards Cloud Computing, the eTOM has a lot more to offer to Cloud Service Providers (CSP)
Most CSPs with roots in the IT domain tend to lean on the ITIL framework for additional SP capabilities. This paper defines and discusses how the eTOM framework is more applicable as a CSP business framework and ITIL as a good ‘control’ framework. Secondly the ITIL framework is not only applicable in the Enterprise Management layer of eTOM, but is also equally applicable in the other layers of eTOM. Discussion is presented in the context of projects from the defense industry.
Sunil Lingayat, Technical Director, Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, acting through its Northrop Grumman Information Systems Sector, Cyber Solutions Division

Managing the Transition to the CloudWednesday November 10, 2010 2:15 pm - 3:45 pm
Chair: Xavier Chelladurai, Associate Vice President, Tech Mahindra Limited
You’re Ready to Move to the Cloud: Now What?Most enterprises are now including the cloud in their IT strategies. The cloud offers compelling benefits, but presents some new challenges. In this session, Ellen Rubin, co-founder of CloudSwitch, will help de-mystify moving to the cloud. Rubin will describe real-life examples of enterprise deployments in the cloud, including several application workloads and target clouds. She’ll focus on the emerging “hybrid” architecture in which enterprises are integrating the cloud seamlessly and securely with on-premise environments.
Ellen Rubin, Founder & VP Products, Unspecified
Finding the Right Cloud for YouCloud is the buzzword for the new decade... you hear about the cost-savings, consolidation and conservation of resources, etc. But finding the right cloud for you is just as important as moving to the cloud itself. Many apps can move to the cloud but some may not. You've got web apps, desktop apps, and mobile apps... can and should you move them? What are the different types of cloud service out there, and which may be more appropriate for your enterprise? This talk will cover a variety of migration use cases and what are some of the options and solutions currently available in the cloud today.
Wesley Chun, Senior Developer Advocate, Google Inc

Intensive 1: SecurityThursday November 11, 2010 9:00 am - 10:15 am
Intensive 1: Security in the CloudAn extended and interactive workshop-style session to tackle the practical challenges of cloud security. Security remains the number one concern for enterprises, and represents a major barrier to user adoption. Service providers need to recognise this, and develop robust and yet flexible solutions which address the needs of customers. This session will bring together service providers and enterprise users, to focus on the real world challenges and the practical solutions available. The following security challenges will be addressed: scalable security, visibility and transparency, segmentation, managing existing policy, leveraging mobility, compliance, auditing capabilities, and policy enforcement.
Ken Owens, Chief Scientist, Savvis Cloud, CenturyLink
Eric Hyman, Director, Product Management, XO Communications, Inc
Sriram Chakrapani, Chief, Integration Engineering Division, DOD

Intensive 2: Billing and Pricing ModelsThursday November 11, 2010 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
Revenue Management SessionsINTENSIVE 2: Billing and Pricing Models in the Cloud
Monetization of cloud services is the missing link in cloud offerings, yet it’s a key pre-requisite of cloud success. This session will tackle billing challenges from the service provider and the enterprise point of view. Discussion will address integrated end-to-end billing while maximizing agility and driving down the total cost of ownership for different cloud types, homogeneous and heterogeneous cloud offerings, incl. embedded partner usage measurement. What is the basis for billing – what is the billable unit? Different charging models will be analyzed, convergence and billing on multiple parameters examined.
Ed Laczynski, VP of Cloud Strategy and Architecture, Datapipe
Rene Sotola, Vice-President, CGI Info Systems Management Consulting Inc.
Humera Malik, Principal Consultant, Quexor
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Enterprise Roundtables

Join the Expert-Led Enterprise Roundtables which include:

  • Does cloud computing necessarily imply a loss of control over your IT resources?
  • Public vs. Private Clouds
  • Connecting and extending your current cloud investments
  • Resolving cloud performance issues
  • Managing a hybrid cloud environment
  • Optimising security of your business-critical Data
  • Vendor lock-in, standards and interoperability
  • Evaluating cloud providers
  • Overcoming privacy and security concerns related to enterprise cloud adoption.
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