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Customer Experience Management

Collaboration Community

What is TM Forum's Collaboration Community

TM Forum's Collaboration Program is a virtual research and development consortium where people from TM Forum member companies and TM Forum staff collaborate to develop best practices, standards and tools.

Participation is welcome at many levels. You can join a community and observe, ask questions, post comments and otherwise network. You can also participate in one or more projects to contribute to the development of best practices or standards. There are many communities and projects. To learn more about how collaboration works click here.

Join the Community Focused on Customer Experience Management

The Customer Experience community addresses many aspects the challenge of effectively and profitably exceeding customer's needs and expectations. These aspects exist across the customer, product, and service lifecycles. Join Now.

Get Involved With Current Projects

Customer Experience Management

This project focused on the development of a guidebook for CEM, enhancing and documenting perspective on the customer life-cycle, defining and providing guidance on customer experience monitoring (CXM) and the further refinement of TM Forum’s CEM maturity model.

Contact Steve Cotton at scotton@tmforum.org to get involved.

Companies Contributing in Customer Experience Management