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Enterprise Security

The challenge addressed by Enterprise Security (ESEC) standards is the need for efficient and accurate access management by multiple users with different roles and entitlements to, often, hundreds of operations systems.

Today, enterprise security management is an error-prone manual process in which account and password adds, modifications, and deletes are performed on an individual basis for each system. ESEC centralizes user data and provides standard processes and interfaces to operations systems that allow automation of identity management, user sign-on/off, and reporting.

Enterprise Security Management standards enable:
  • User and identity management: An integrated view and efficient, automated management of system access based on user roles and entitlements, per user, per system (TMF615).
  • Single sign-on/off: A controlled and automated sign-on/off standard providing access to multiple systems, including automated password management and control, based on business role (TMF614).
  • Compliance reporting: Automated reporting and auditing of what the user has done, including who, which roles, when, and on what system.
Driven by T-Mobile, Telefónica, and Vodafone and implemented by Nokia-Siemens Networks, Ericsson, IBM, and other suppliers, TMF615 provides these Operator User Management standards:
  • A repository of user data
  • Standard commands
  • A standard interface to operations systems
TMF614 provides single sign-on/off standards.

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Get Started with Enterprise Security: Business Benefits
  1. Minimizes security risks
  2. Reduces operating costs through automated provisioning and audit workflows and simplified identity management administration
  3. Reduces cost of error management through automation
  4. Reduces cost and time to test and go live with new systems
  5. Reduces capital expenditures through simple integration of identity management resources
  6. Simplifies regulatory compliance reporting


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