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TM Forum Integration Program

Service Management

Description and purpose:

Separate, linked projects are running to define the specific service management details applicable to Service Management for IP and Ethernet services. In particular, activities include:

  • Defining scope of IP and Ethernet services to be supported
  • Alignment with other industry standards (Metro Ethernet Forum, ATIS, ITU-T SG2)
  • Defining requirements for the fulfillment and assurance of IP and Ethernet services
  • Extending the Information Framework (SID) where necessary

Scope of the Project
The TM Forum Integration Program (TIP) Service Management (TIP-SM) project covers all Service Management processes as defined in the Business Process Framework (eTOM) Service Management & Operations layer within the operations & support, fulfillment, and assurance verticals. This process grouping focuses on the knowledge of services (Access, Connectivity, Content, etc.) and includes all functionalities necessary for the management and operations of communications and information services required by, or proposed to customers.

Business Benefits

The introduction of service management interfaces brings even greater benefits to service providers:

  • Reduce integration costs
  • Provide standard service specifications, reducing development costs and speeding time to market for new services
  • Support for B2B interfaces for the management of wholesale services
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Contact details
Team Leaders:
Jessie Jewitt, Ciene

Piyush Sarwal, IBM

Staff Support:

Tina O'Sullivan

Participating Companies:
Ciena, IBM, Telcordia, Amartus, Cable Labs, Fujitsu, ECI Telecom, Iskratel, Deutsche Telekom