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ConceptWave Order Care® Software Suite


Market Drivers
Profit pressures. Declining ARPU. Rapidly changing markets and product requirements. Complex bundles and services. Legacy systems. . . Service providers are faced with a myriad of challenges.

To survive in this highly competitive world, service providers must increase revenues and drive operational efficiency. Independent of product, network, market, or channel, they must: 
  • Accurately design innovative new products and product bundles to attract and keep customers 
  • Speed service fulfillment and delivery to accelerate time to revenue
  • Automate complex order management and service delivery to eliminate costly manual efforts
  • Provide insightful customer care to keep subscribers loyal

This sounds simple, but it is not, since service providers have dozens or hundreds of products and services residing on different systems, each with its own features and catalogs. In addition, IT-skilled resources are needed to model the products according to the requirements of each system. These legacy systems are hard to change and have limited ability to interact with each other to create service bundles. These constraints result in extensive manual intervention to correct order errors and deal with special cases. The business impact is slow time-to-revenue and dissatisfied customers whose orders are not completed as committed.

Since order processing can account for up to 60% of the cost of goods sold, streamlining and automating product and order management is essential.

ConceptWave Order Care®
ConceptWave Order Care® automates product and service lifecycles, from initial product conception, through design and rollout, to eventual retirement. Once a product is created, ConceptWave’s out-of-the-box solutions manage individual customer orders, from order entry and validation through to the decomposition of that order as it interacts with downstream systems like inventory, delivery, and billing.

Because ConceptWave’s solutions are catalog-driven, a product can be defined once and exposed automatically upstream to the customer or service representative, and downstream for fulfillment. This catalog-driven approach results in a very high level of automation and consistency for any product, network, market, and channel.

The ConceptWave Order Care portfolio includes these modules: 

  1. Catalog Management: A comprehensive product and service catalog solution that reduces time-to-market for new product launches and provides a consistent and high-quality customer experience. 
  2. Order Negotiations: A fully customizable order entry system that lowers the cost per order, speeds time-to-revenue, and improves cross- and up-sell. 
  3. Order Management: An order management solution that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, and decreases costs
         and revenue leakage through accurate, successfully fulfilled orders.
  4. Order Analytics: An analytics engine that maximizes order-to-cash with a 360° real-time view of the order lifecycle.

This comprehensive, integrated, catalog-driven approach to product and order lifecycle management enables service providers to accelerate the time from product conception to customer order to revenue.

Order Care has been deployed successfully around the world at major service providers having diverse challenges. Typically, ROI is achieved in 12-16 months thanks to accelerated service delivery and immediate operational cost reductions. Benefits achieved include: 

  • Rapid implementation by using Frameworx
    • ConceptWave solution implemented in just 3 months
    • Implementation costs reduced more than 50%
  • Product Managers can easily create bundles, define product offerings, and manage their portfolio—without IT
    • Product rollouts and service delivery within days, not months—for any product, network, market, and channel—enable faster time to revenue
    • Reduced sales cycles create time to close more deals
  • Increased automation reduces cost of error-prone manual data entry
    • Order completion rates rose to 95%
    • Order exceptions reduced from 40% to < 5%
  • Reduced operational expenses—usually by 30%
  • Improved service quality and customer satisfaction and retention
    • Customer interaction time reduced from >30 minutes to < 10 minutes
    • Reduced customer support costs since the central catalog ensures what is sold, is what is delivered, is what is billed
  • Increased revenue per order by automatically suggesting relevant up-sells and cross-sells

Order Care’s catalog-driven approach speeds time-to-market, reduces costs, and increases customer satisfaction. Specific and diverse service provider examples demonstrate the solution suite’s flexibility and business impact:

Comcast was faced with multiple, monolithic order management systems. They needed to rapidly deploy new products with a high level of automation and reduced order fall-out. ConceptWave provided a catalog-driven order management solution for order capture, orchestration, processing, and provisioning coordination—one that would support complex business logic and reduce the exposure of new business initiatives to billing system limitations.

Back office excellence was the “Game Changer” that improved the bottom line. The ConceptWave solution: 

  • Delivered business benefits in significant multiples of the cost and therefore returned rapid ROI
  • Enabled the business to deploy new products, features, and platforms in rapid succession
  • Created an architecture blueprint that has scaled to keep pace with the business

Major European Auto Manufacturer
One of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in the world wanted to: add customer value by networking customer, vehicle, and environmental information; integrate product management, ordering, and contract management for account managers; provide enhanced customer care for in-car systems; automate order management and synchronize with the CRM system; and enable web ordering and automated order fulfillment.

The challenge was to cost-effectively deploy, manage, and bill for millions of connections, handle complex services and large numbers of subscribers, while at the same time providing high quality customer care. Automation was critical to profitably manage the high volume of transactions that are each generating low revenue.

ConceptWave’s catalog-driven order management solution enables cost-effective, automated order management and exceptional customer care as well as customized product rollouts and service delivery within days rather than months. This flexibility also simplifies partner management, which is so important in M2M solutions.

Türk Telekom
Türk Telekom’s product and service delivery times were limited by legacy business processes and separate systems for each service and product, impacting customer satisfaction and resulting in high churn to mobile providers. So Türk Telekom undertook a major business transformation to create a customer-centric business.

ConceptWave Order Care® was used to transform their quote-to-cash business process fulfillment and order management and to automate their end-to-end order and product lifecycles. ConceptWave’s Product Catalog was used to develop 100% Information Framework-conformant, reusable product and service descriptions so they could model new products and services rapidly, flexibly, and without hard coding.

Türk Telekom can now introduce new products and services very easily and has achieved these results: 

  • Implemented one unified solution that spans all services and all subsidiaries
  • Rapidly deployed and integrated ConceptWave’s solution since it is based on standards
  • Sped time to market for new services and products through an integrated product catalog
  • Operational cost savings through automated order management and reduced manual rework
  • Improved customer experience as a result of fast and accurate order negotiation and completion

The Use of Frameworx
ConceptWave’s solutions have been built in full conformance to Frameworx
and have reaped the benefits of being standards-conformant, both in cost savings to our customers and to ConceptWave internally. Frameworx reduces the risk of miscommunication among ConceptWave, its customers, and its partners, which enables substantial cost savings, speeds integration, and simplifies collaboration.

ConceptWave OrderCare® has undergone Frameworx Conformance Certifications and received the highest possible scores, most recently against Business Process Framework 8.0 and Information Framework 9.0 in November 2011.

Conformance to TM Forum Frameworx has enabled ConceptWave itself to: 

  • Speed development and reduce R&D costs by 25% by using industry-standard terminology, processes, and data models rather than inventing in-house
  • Lower risk by leveraging proven industry standards
  • Improve application stability and reduce support costs by minimizing solution customization
  • Meet aggressive deployment and budget constraints
  • Win contracts from service providers who are demanding TM Forum Frameworx conformance!


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