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Conformance Certification

Engage TM Forum to independently verify and certify how well your business processes and information models align with the industry standards found in Frameworx.

In the 2014 Frameworx Adoption Survey, 95% of all the companies surveyed are using TM Forum Frameworx.

82% of the service providers mandate Frameworx in many or all specifications - and 85% claim that Frameworx Conformance Certification for a Product or Solution has an important influence on buying decisions.

Companies who certify their products and solutions can quickly and easily demonstrate how they meet that requirement.

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Why Do a Conformance Certification Assessment?

If you are a supplier...

See how well your products and solutions align to the business process and information models found in Frameworx. Receive a detailed certification report that verifies your level of conformance.

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If you are a service provider...

Gain a better understanding of how fully the standards and best practices in Frameworx have been adopted inside your organization.

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Everyone Benefits

When both the buyer and seller of Frameworx conformant products and solutions come to the table with a detailed understanding of the scope and degree of conformance in their environment they will jointly reduce the costs and risks associated with both procurement and integration.

As the industry moves more towards adoption of standards the significant savings made from reusable processes can be re-directed towards innovation and competitive differentiation.
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Some of the Benefits you get from Certification

  • Insight into where and to what degree you have successfully adopted the eTOM (Business Process Framework) and SID (Information Framework).
  • Facilitates the simplification of the procurement process by allowing the linking of Conformance results achieved to specific requirements mandated in RFxs. 
  • Reduces the time, costs and risks associated with procurement and integration of Frameworx conformant products and solutions.
  • An independent and unbiased verification and certification of your level of conformance provided by TM Forum – a known and trusted non-profit third party partner
  • Use of TM Forum’s certification mark which demonstrates, internally and externally, your commitment to the industry best practices and standards found in Frameworx

Get Certified

Take the qualifying questionnaire to better understand your readiness.

Learn more about the certification readiness workshop.

For all other questions e-mail conformance@tmforum.org.

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