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Frameworx Interfaces Distilled

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TM Forum APIs provide an effective solution to today’s application integration challenges. Several sets of APIs are available, including OSS/J (OSS Through Java) Java, XML, and Web Service APIs, MTNM (Multi-Technology Network Management) Corba APIs, and MTOSI (Multi-Technology Operation System Interface) XML APIs. This workshop provides an overview of each API set along with guidelines to help an application developer and/or integrator choose the appropriate API(s) to use.
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Level  Intermediate

Who should attend? Pre-requisites
OSS/BSS professionals including: enterprise solution architects, application developers, application integrators, and solution providers.
  • A general awareness of the TM Forum and its work
  • Basic understanding of Java and XML

Technology covered
Overview of the OSS/J, MTNM, MTOSI APIs, functionality provided by each set of APIs, and guidelines for choosing the appropriate API(s) to use when developing or integrating applications. Case studies depict real world application of these standards.

Upon completion, you will be able to:
  • Describe the functionality offered by the APIs
  • Understand the differences among the sets of APIs
  • Choose the appropriate API for use
  • Describe the future direction of the API sets

    • OSS/J APIs
    • OSS/J – MTNM/MTOSI Relationship
      As with all official TM Forum courses, certificates of achievement will be issued.

      Click here for a list of Instructors.