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Information Framework (SID) Distilled

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The Information Framework (SID) is a cornerstone of TM Forum Frameworx (the next evolutionary step in the highly successful NGOSS standard) providing the tools and language to model corporate data from the highest level right down to inclusion in software solutions. This course provides an in-depth look at the Information Framework and demonstrates how it is used as the ‘Language’ of Frameworx. The  Information Framework is explained in detail and students are taken on a guided tour of the currently developed framework domains. There will be hands-on exercises throughout the day.


Level  Introductory

Who should attend? Pre-requisites
People actively engaged in the analysis and design of OSS/BSS solutions using NGOSS and the TM Forum Information Framework (SID), in particular, people involved in information modeling and solution architectures.

Familiarity with UML or other modeling methods desirable; however a UML tutorial is provided if necessary.

Technology covered
The Information Framework in its UML form is explained using real-world examples.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Describe the need and benefits of Frameworx
  • Describe the relationship between the Information Framework and Frameworx
  • Provide an overview of the Information Framework
  • Use one or more Information Framework addenda for reference in the analysis and design phases of a solution
  • Apply Information Framework modeling patterns to extend the framework
  • Begin to use the Framework for real analyses and development of OSS/BSS components.
  • Frameworx and the Information Framework (SID)
  • The Information Framework (SID)
  • Documenting the framework
  • Information Framework (SID)/Business Process Framework (eTOM) mappings and their importance
  • Scenario-based Information Framework walkthrough
  • Getting started with the framework
  • Information Framework in action
  • Information Framework futures
  • Hands-on Information Framework modeling exercises.
As with all official TM Forum courses, certificates of achievement will be issued.

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