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Course Descriptions

Information Framework (SID) Modeler's Workshop

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The TM Forum Information Framework (SID) Modeler's Workshop offers attendees theory and practice on the use of the Framework and how it can be extended and implemented. It is designed as a “follow on” course for those who have completed the introductory Information Framework course and who wish to develop their knowledge of how the Framework can be used. This workshop enables attendees to effectively put the Information Framework to use within their own organizations.

Level Intermediate

Who should attend? Pre-requisites
Anyone wishing to develop their knowledge of how the Information Framework can be implemented, developed and used, day to day.

One of the introductory courses:
• Information Framework (SID ) Distilled
• Solutions Frameworks (NGOSS) Distilled or Frameworx Distilled
• Solutions Frameworks Overview
Knowledge of UML

Technology covered

Information Framework (SID)

Upon completion, you will be able to:
  • Understand the various ways that the Information Framework can be used
  • Employ the guidelines when extending/implementing the Framework
  • Transform the Framework information model to the data model
  • Identify opportunities for using the Framework
  • Quantitatively justify the use of the Framework
  • TM Forum and Frameworx recap
  • Implementing the Information Framework
  • Extending the Framework
  • Using the Framework

As with all official TM Forum courses, certificates of achievement will be issued.

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