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Executive Transformation Workshops

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Cultural Transformation Accelerator

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Leading Cultural
The Transformation Dynamic
Often market dynamics dictate that linear development of key teams simply won't be rapid or radical enough, to energize the new culture and positioning needed for the future.

In your organization, you may be merging two teams, perhaps refocusing on new imperatives; or restructuring and redefining the vision, values and culture you need, for a very competitive future. You may be converting an internal service organization to become customer-facing, with significant cultural and commercial issues, through which to lead your team. 

Download PDFConverting an organizational culture, from “The Management Zone to the Leadership Zone”, needs substantial transformation effort together with emotional and intellectual investment to be effective.

It is exactly for these situations, that we have partnered with the TM Forum, to develop this Cultural Transformation Accelerator, specifically for managers engaged in leading their own Cultural Transformation.

One of the most urgent requirements may be to accelerate your brand leadership and values, so this Accelerator is designed to help your organization meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Specifically, it supports you in developing the leadership values and cultural alignment you need, both internally and externally, so that “The Rhetoric Becomes The Reality”.

To ensure “brand leadership”, your leaders will be able to role model the right behaviors in your organization, so they can inspire everyone to deliver the right behaviors and brand promise, to all your stakeholders, which is where it really counts.


Masterclass Objectives
  • Through a lively and participative environment designed to help key executives develop their own transformational
    leadership positioning, this Accelerator is designed for up to six senior managers, and inspires them to develop their own personal leadership style and gravitas to transform their organization’s culture.
  • Understand advanced principles of cultural change psychology and how it applies to our own situation.
  • Define the architecture for the required cultural change, using proven tools and techniques with a clear implementation plan.
  • Clarify the principles of how to communicate leading a cultural change, through a “cause”, that generates motivated followers towards the defined business objectives.
  • Develop a clear understanding of each person’s ideal professional leadership positioning, and devise a plan to achieve it.
  • Practice each person’s optimum leadership communication style, with one-to-one personal coaching related to key business objectives. 

The Gravitas Leverage Effect




Typical Program: Day One
  1. Introduction, Objectives, Program and Teams
  2. Gravitas ‘Professional Equity’ – Developing my Leadership Value
  3. Personal Briefing – Professional Life in Context
  4. Debrief and Individual Feedback – Personal Coaching 1
  5. Evolved Cultural Strategy
  6. Executing the Cultural Strategy – Key Plans and Metrics
  7. Bringing the Cultural Strategy to Life
  8. Rotating Team Feedback and Individual Coaching
Typical Program: Day Two
  1. Gravitas Leadership Psychology, Insights and Organisational Capabilities
  2. Formulating the Cultural Transformation Leadership Plan – Portfolio
  3. My Gravitas Leadership Positioning - One-to-One Coaching
    Transformation Plan in Detail
  4. Execution Plan in Detail
  5. Accelerating our own Team’s Cultural Change Implementation
  6. Stakeholder Engagement
  7. Present Full Strategy and Execution
  8. Full Accelerator Feedback, Next Steps and Close

You may already have excellent climate and culture information we can include in your Masterclass.

As an Executive participating in this Masterclass, you will especially appreciate the contribution and the support you receive, in increasing your own Gravitas “professional equity”.