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Course Descriptions

Using the Business Process Framework (eTOM) to Realize ITIL

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The Business Process Framework (eTOM) provides the user with a process model of the entire enterprise, which is complementary to the ITIL view of good practice in service management. Working jointly, itSMF and TM Forum have mapped how these two frameworks can work together, allowing ITIL good practice to be realised using the Business Process Framework process elements. This one day course explains the relationship and mappings, and how the two frameworks can co-exist within an enterprise solution, and how the strengths of each can work compatibly to produce an integrated approach. The course includes an opportunity to see how this works in practice, through interactive exercises.

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Level  Intermediate

Who should attend? Pre-requisites
Those involved with either the Business Process Framework (eTOM) or ITIL, who need insight into how the eTOM as a Business Process Framework can be used to deliver ITIL-aligned services, or how ITIL can assist and support the business using eTOM as a business-oriented process model. More broadly, those seeking to build bridges within their enterprise between the business and the IT support environment, and who are looking to apply eTOM and/or ITIL to facilitate this.

One of the introductory courses:

  • Business Process framework (eTOM) Distilled
  • Solutions Frameworks Overview
  • Solutions Frameworks (NGOSS) Distilled (or Frameworx Distilled/Overview)

Also, a working knowledge of ITIL.

Technology covered
Business Process Framework (eTOM), ITIL.

Upon completion, you will be able to:
  • Understand the way that the Business Process Framework can link with other frameworks like ITIL;
  • Identify and scope targeted process solutions that address the business needs and also closely integrate with IT support within the enterprise;
  • Specify and then implement these process solutions through combining the strengths of both frameworks;
  • Apply these solutions to improve internal co-ordination and linkage across the organization.
  • Introductions and Goals;
  • Brief Overview of the Business Process Framework (eTOM) and ITIL;
  • Explanation of differences, similarities and points of contact between the frameworks;
  • Issues in building bridges between eTOM and ITIL - leveraging their compatibility and strengths together;
  • Explanation of opportunities and mechanisms that can be applied;
  • Specific steps to link the frameworks;
  • Applying this in practice - how to implement eTOM and ITIL together;
  • Lessons and future development.
As with all official TM Forum courses, certificates of achievement will be issued.

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