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TM Forum Frameworx

Prior Release 13.5

47 new features thanks to work done by 380 members from 141 companies!

Frameworx 13.5 was released Digital Disruption 2013 and represents the next step in the evolution of TM Forum's Frameworx suite of best practices and standards.

It introduces new thinking and approaches that demonstrate our commitment to helping our members succeed in the digital world through work done in our Agile Business and IT, Customer Engagement and Open Digital Programs.

Adopted by 90% of the world’s largest service providers, TM Forum Frameworx continues to be the most widely used blueprint for effective, efficient business operations.

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Register online for our Webinar: Succeeding in a World of Digital Disruption with Frameworx 13.5 on Tuesday November 12th.

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If you have any immediate questions, please email us at usingframeworx@tmforum.org

What are some of the hot features in Frameworx 13.5?

Release 13.5 Highlights

The features in Frameworx 13.5 focus on three major challenges facing service providers today:

From our Agile Business & IT Program:

  From our Customer Engagement Program: From our Open Digital Program:

If you have immediate questions please contact us at usingframeworx@tmforum.org.

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