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TM Forum Home TM Forum's Customer Experience Management Summit 2013 is Nov 26-27, 2013. Join us next year in KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA!
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Customer Experience Mgmt. Summit

In today’s experience-driven market, a seamless and sustainable customer experience is vital.
Service providers must adapt their customer experience strategies to meet customer expectations,
or face diminished revenues. Customer experience goes beyond network coverage and adequate
customer service; proactive retention of customers, sophisticated loyalty programs and mobile broadband performance for increased social media interaction, video and web browsing are all key elements.

TM Forum’s event in Singapore was excellent and I found a lot of updates especially on technology and business trends...in Asia and in the world as well.

Heru Basuki Purwantol, Asst. VP for Strategic Investment Execution,
PT Telkomunikasi Indonesia

Conference Agenda

TM Forum’s Customer Experience Management Summit brings together senior-level executives and professionals from Asia and beyond, with 30+ sessions, including:

  • Driving Operational Excellence in CEM
  • Controlling and Reducing Costs in CEM
  • The Evolution of New Communication Channels and Technology
  • Successful CEM implementations to lead to profitable growth

View the agenda for the full list of sessions

With Speakers From


Globe Telecom Skype Telekom Malaysia


Keynote Speakers

The Keynote Perspectives program at TM Forum’s Customer Experience Management Summit 2012 explores how in today’s experience-driven market, a seamless and sustainable customer experience is vital.

Robert Rich 
Robert Rich, MD TM Forum Insights, TM Forum

Gil Genio 
Gil Genio, Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Globe Telecom Inc.

Jason Lo 
Rohit Batra, Director Communications Industry Solution Group, Oracle Corporation

Suharti Mohad 
Suharti Mohd Ali, Senior Vice President, Celcom Axiata Berhad

Sandra DeZoysa"The importance of the Group Chief Customer Officer"
Sandra DeZoysa, Group Chief Customer Officer, Dialog Axiata PLC

Jason Lo"Exploring the marketing evolution: Managing multi-channel communications"
Jason Lo, Chief Executive Officer, Tune Talk


Who You Will Meet

Audience Breakdown

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