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TM Forum’s Management World 2013 is May 13-16, 2013.
Join us next year in Nice, France!
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Management World 2012

Customer Experience Management Overview

Customer Experience Management Distilled

Customer Experience Management is a growing topic in the Communications Industry as Service Providers and Suppliers alike strive to understand and meet the expectations of their customers – corporate and retail.

This course presents an introduction to how CEM impacts players in the Communications Industry providing participants with an understanding of the key business drivers for CEM, the meaning of the terms used and the importance of developing an understanding of one’s customers.

This interactive course introduces the concepts behind CEM and the various approaches to CEM implementation using TM Forum Frameworx as a foundation.
Come to TM Forum training to learn:
  • The key concepts of Customer Experience Management
  • Business Drivers for customer experience programs
  • How the TM Forum addresses these drivers
  • How to make it happen
  • How to measure it
Service Providers:
  • Understand how a positive interaction with your customer is important to your business’ bottom line
  • Learn about the key considerations when implementing a customer experience improvement project
  • Measure customer experience using the work of the
    TM Forum Frameworx and the Business Metrics Scaffold
  • Learn how to maintain a mutually beneficial interaction between provider and consumer


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Who should attend?
This introductory course is suitable for:
  • All directly and indirectly customer facing staff, product development, marketing, sales, billing, CSR, retail, support, web designers etc., to understand the contribution of the customer experience management function to the organization
  • Managers and senior personnel who want to implement a customer experience approach in their organization
What will you learn?
Upon completion, you will be able to:
  • Understand the key concepts of Customer Experience Management and the importance of positive CEM to the business
  • Describe the customer experience lifecycle using the Business Process Framework as the basis for this lifecycle
  • Define the key elements of a customer experience approach
  • Understand key customer experience measurements
  • Introduction to Customer Experience Management
  • Key Concepts of Customer Experience Management
  • The Business Drivers and how the TM Forum is addressing them
  • Understanding Customer Experience Management
  • Making it Happen
  • Customer Experience Management and the Business Metrics Scaffold
Students will benefit from prior knowledge of business processes and key concepts of the Business Process Framework.

Therefore TM Forum Frameworx Overview and/or TM Forum Business Process Framework Distilled are recommended preparatory courses.

As with all official TM Forum courses, certificates of achievement will be issued. 
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