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Management World 2010

Daily Features

Forumville: Your Destination for Innovative Business and Technology Solutions

Forumville, located on the third level of the Acropolis Convention Center, has been a hotbed of technology and business innovation and real-world demonstrations this week at Management World 2010.

Forumville features 7 themed zones that reflect current hot topics in the industry. Each of these zones map to a Management World Conference track as well, enabling you to create synergy between what you learn in the conference and what you experience in Forumville. If you are planning to use TM Forum best practices, frameworks and interfaces, Forumville is a must-see destination on the show floor at Management World.

Within each zone, we will exhibit a range of TM Forum programs and our unique multi-member Catalyst Demonstration Projects

This time, we have a record 15 Catalyst demonstrations with 20 service providers and 44 suppliers participating. These Catalysts are the highlight of Forumville – bringing innovative, not-seen-anywhere-else ideas and solutions to life. Catalysts leverage leading-edge IT concepts and couple them with TM Forum best practices and standards to create real, deployable answers to real, bottom-line challenges.

The Catalyst projects and TM Forum program staff members and team members will be on hand throughout the event to give demonstrations and have one-on-one discussions. In addition, each Catalyst project will be presenting in the Forumville theater, featuring information about the business drivers for their project, how they met them, what they learned and what they will contribute back to the TM Forum community to learn from and reuse.

In addition, there will be a series of live 30-minute presentations featuring introductions to key TM Forum standards and best practices, so if you are new to TM Forum you can get an overview and learn how to get started using them in your company.

The Forumville Zones, programs and Catalysts that will be shown at Management World are:

Cloud Services
Enabling the Business of Cloud Services

Catalyst Projects:
Cloud Encounter – 4 Integrated Projects addressing Cloud management/implementation scenarios:
Cloud Service Broker
Inter-Cloud Service Management
Service Model
IPsphere: Bringing Quality to the Cloud

TM Forum Programs:
Cloud Initiative
Enterprise Cloud Buyers Council

Business Transformation
Tuning Your Business for the 21st Century

Learn about the recently announced TM Forum Frameworx integrated business architecture blueprint, and its component Frameworks, as well as the extremely successful TM Forum Business Benchmarking program. Stop here to get your always-popular TM Forum posters as well!

Revenue Management and mCommerce
Addressing revenue management challenges and new business models in a complex and changing market

Catalyst Projects:
Revenue Assurance Coverage Model
Developing a Scalable mCommerce Model

TM Forum Programs:
Revenue Management
Revenue Assurance

Customer Experience and Business Intelligence
Proactively managing customers and revenue to increase satisfaction and the bottom line

Catalyst Projects:
Standardizing Customer Experience Management
Decision Analytics

TM Forum Programs:
Managing Customer Experience

Digital Media
Profiting from digital media services and new business models

Catalyst Projects:
Dynamic Content Delivery

TM Forum Programs:
Cable Market Center of Excellence
Value Chains Initiative
Service Delivery Framework

Technology and Operations
Driving operational and IT excellence

Catalyst Projects:
Driving the Costs out of IPTV
Enterprise Identity Management
Next Generation Data Migration
COMPASS - Catalog Data Driven Order Automation
Effective Sell of Advanced Network Services and Solutions

TM Forum Programs:
Interfaces (OSS/J, MTOSI and more)
Developer Network
Next Generation Wireless-Wireline Management


Applying TM Forum best practices and standards to meet defense needs

Catalyst Project:
Defense Catalyst: Rapid Communications Deployment

TM Forum Programs:
Defense Initiative
Security Management