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Management World Americas

Defense Spotlight

November 9, 2010

The Defense Spotlight at Management World Americas 2010, following Tuesday’s keynote sessions, offers two tracks which will arm attendees with strategies and solutions to enhance their network and service management environments for enhanced mission assurance through best practices and standards. While each track explores a different management area, both will examine why policy-based control is a necessary element of the solution set.

Agenda Key
Cable SessionsCable SessionsDefense SessionsDefense Sessions
Revenue Management SessionsRevenue Management SessionsAnalyticsAnalytics
Assured NetOps: Securing Operations via Policy-Based ManagementTuesday November 9, 2010 2:00 pm - 3:45 pm
Chair: Meg Sebastian, DISN OSS Chief, DOD
Defense SessionsPolicy Enabled Net-Centric Information Sharing
As integration frameworks, Web Services and Restful applications adequately address how applications get exposed and communicate via SOAP/XML to exchange information with one another in a platform agnostic way. In real-world applications however, security, reliability, routing, bandwidth conservation, versioning, and other requirements need to be dealt with and in turn severely impact the loosely coupled nature of net-centric services. This presentation will illustrate how through policy-enablement, multiple conflicting constraints and capabilities can be reconciled, managed and constantly monitored.
Sriram Chakrapani, Chief, Integration Engineering Division, DOD
Adam Vincent, CTO Public Sector, Layer 7 Technologies
Defense SessionsCyber Security Panel: Solving the Solutions Puzzle
Cyber Security comprises a bewildering array of solutions -- anti-malware, SEIM, active in-line defense, network behavior anomaly detection, IPS, and other categories. You can't go to one vendor and buy a complete cyber security solution. This session uniquely shows the diversity of solutions a cyber security user organization needs to have in its arsenal. This panel of cyber security experts will help you pick the best solution sets for your organization. Rather than lump cyber security products into one or two broad categories, the panel will highlight the diversity of solutions, explaining the technologies and best practices that form a complete and effective strategy.
James Heath, , Unspecified
Michelle Johnson Cobb, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Skybox Security
Chris Poulin, Chief Security Officer, Q1 Labs
Daniel ODonnell, VP of Business Development for the Americas, Network Critical, LLC
Defense SessionsDigital Policy Management (DPM): A Life Cycle View
Digital policies are essential instruments for assuring that "Commander's intent" is realized in network behavior, particularly for large complex networks enabling critical missions under challenging circumstances. Understanding the life cycle stages – e.g., Composition, Dissemination, Integration, Enforcement, and Assessment … each with multiple constituent stages – and the inputs, processing requirements, and outputs at each stage (irrespective of the actual number of and labels for the stages in any valid policy life cycle model) and across the various dimensions of the policy continuum is prerequisite to designing, developing, deploying, and operating policy-based NetOps solutions. This presentation will advance such an understanding in the context of the DoD architectural vision for the Global Information Grid (GIG).
Bob Natale, Chief Engineer, Joint NetOps & Cyber Defense, MITRE
Frank Sarro, SETA Contractor, Sage Management Enterprise LLC

Integrated NetOps: SATCOM and Spectrum ManagementTuesday November 9, 2010 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm
Chair: Howard McDonald, Team Lead-DSA, Defense Spectrum Organization, DOD
Defense SessionsDoD Strategy for Spectrum Management Web-Services
Management of the electromagnetic spectrum is increasingly critical to the operation and management of the military network infrastructure. Global Electromagnetic Spectrum Information System (GEMSIS) is the joint program of record that will transform spectrum operations from a pre-planned and static frequency assignment into a dynamic, responsive, and agile capability. GEMSIS will federate future capabilities and services through a net-centric catalog of services, enabling the transformation of the current stove piped spectrum management capabilities to an autonomous and adaptive environment that accelerates the warfighter’s ability to effectively and efficiently manage the electromagnetic battlespace. Mr. Alan Rosner, Defense Spectrum Organization, DISA will present.
Howard McDonald, Team Lead-DSA, Defense Spectrum Organization, DOD
Defense SessionsPolicy Based Management of Dynamic Spectrum Access
Emerging concepts for Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA), rely on policy-based management of DSA-enabled radios as a key mechanism for controlling access to spectrum by DSA systems. Future sharing of spectrum will require standardized solutions for policy planning, authoring, distribution, implementation, validation, authentication, and enforcement. Standardization of DSA policy will be considered from the perspective of integrating with the standardization of policy-based network management.
Lynn Grande, Engineer Manager, General Dynamics C4
Defense SessionsIntegrating Spectrum Management and Network Management
The Military Communications-Electronics Board (MCEB) developed Publication 8, the Standard Spectrum Resource Format, which defines the data elements for the exchange of spectrum management related data. The SSRF is part of efforts to develop an international standard that facilitates the sharing of accurate spectrum management information, including but not limited to frequency assignment and spectrum supportability. An overview of the SSRF is provided and benefits for extending this standard to the broader commercial community are considered.
David Fritz, Principal Communications Engineer, MITRE
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Defense Conference Sessions

In addition to the Defense Spotlight, you will also attend presentations on Policy and Security topics, included in the Operational Excellence and Customer Experience Summits.

Featured Session:
Customer Experience Summit
Threat Detection and Mitigation
Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010, 10:00 am – 10:30 am

Brian Rexroad Brian Rexroad
Principle Technical Security Architect
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TM Forum standards for Network Defense and Policy-Based Management will be presented in the Defense Kiosk in Forumville.
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