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Rapid Technology Innovation Catalyst Project

Collaborative team brings innovative, not-seen-anywhere-else ideas and solutions to life.


Defining the Digital Health Value Chain

This Catalyst uses TM Forum's Frameworx suite of standards to enable healthcare providers to be more efficient, deliver better care, and lower administrative costs. The project defines best practices, templates, guidelines and understanding of gaps in the challenges and risks of establishing collaborative, cross-organizational, digital eHealth services.

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What business issues are addressed?

As the worlds of healthcare and communications converge, a myriad of new digital services are being made possible. This catalyst showcases emerging business opportunities -- from mobile diagnostic monitoring (mHealth) to electronic health records (eHR) to robust distance medicine applications (telemedicine) -- which are revolutionizing the way healthcare is provided.
Yet many challenges remain, especially in developed economies. Global healthcare and insurance industries, governments and regulators and digital service providers must all work together for eHealth services to become a reality.

How is the solution demonstrated?

  • Medical shared imaging (Orange)
  • Medication as Service (Deutsche Telekom)
  • Infarction Emergency Services (Detecon)
  • Residential scheduling (TOA)
  • Enabling Platform (Infonova)
  • Connected eHealth (Amdocs)

Which TM Forum standards are in use or under development with this project?

  • GB921 – Standardization of end to end eHealth processes
  • GB922 - Standardization of inter entity eHealth information model
  • GB917 - Definitions, rules and methodology for the specification, deployment and management of SLAs
  • GB952 - The Risk Management Guidebook presents guidance on how to implement a risk management Guidebook

Where can you find more information and supporting material?

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