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Low Cost Device Deployment & User Support

Are you under pressure to solve device-based management issues at the lowest cost and provide a seamless customer experience?

TM Forum’s Device Management Summit (June 24, Santa Clara, CA) was the must-attend event for anyone with the need to deploy tomorrow’s services quickly and cheaply over a range of different devices.

This independent event offered you the opportunity to meet device management experts and learn what leading industry standards groups are doing to streamline device management now and for the future.

Attendees had the opportunity to:
  • Hear about the consumer experience revolution – reduce complexity and associated maintenance costs
  • Obtain clarity on Device Management and TM Forum’s End User Device program, plus industry bodies including DSL Forum, Home Gateway Initiative & OSGi Alliance
  • Explore and benchmark their business: hear perspectives from different players in the value chain

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Review the Conference Agenda

Case-Study and Agenda Topics included:
  • A market overview, assessment of current industry trends and predictions into the future
  • Perspectives from different players in the value chain – large corporate enterprise, device manufacturer, service provider and solution provider
  • Evolving standards & industry specifications and how they will affect your business both now and in the future
  • Indentifying major opportunities in the industry for cost savings and exciting revenue opportunities to be leveraged
  • How to transform your customer service and technical support
Information on Parks Associates
This Summit was run in conjunction with CONNECTIONS™, hosted by leading research firm Parks Associates in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®). Attend the Device Management Summit and gain access to the opening keynotes and reception on June 24th. Click here for more details.
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Conference Agenda

Chris BallardChris Ballard Introduces Device Management
Watch it Now
Nola BalasT-Mobile's Nola Balas Explains Device Management 
Watch it Now

Key Speakers
Chuck TrentChuck Trent,
VP Information Technology, Cisco Systems
Chris AlbanoChris Albano,
Director of Home Networking and CPE, Comcast
Plus case study presentations and topics from:
Device Management Forum Cisco
Comcast 4HomeMedia
Telcordia Peak8Solutions
OSGi Detecon Consulting
For more information please see the Conference Agenda