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Digital Services and Cloud


For all the hype, the real potential of cloud has yet to be seen. While enterprises have been attracted to cloud by the promise of dramatically lower capital and operating costs, many challenges still remain for the potential of enterprise-grade ‘IT-as-a-Service’ to become a reality.

The Forum's work in cloud is targeted at solving these challenges and developing best practices and tools that help all players meet the needs of their clients and partners as they deliver and consume digital services hosted in the cloud.

Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council

The Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (ECLC) is a practical, results-based body comprised of many of the world’s largest multi-national companies, dedicated to sharing actionable best practices, standing up real-world reference implementations and advancing the adoption of enterprise cloud operating models. 

Learn More About the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (ECLC)

Multi-Cloud Management

TM Forum has developed easy to follow guidelines, tools and an API to help business managers and developers overcome the challenges of delivering services in a multi-cloud environment. Learn more

Cloud Services Community

TM Forum's Cloud Services Community includes multiple working teams and groups that address key issues and develop and document best practices and tools. The work they do removes barriers and accelerates adoption of cloud and advanced digital services. Learn more

Catalysts: Real World Demos

These short-term collaborative projects are led by TM Forum members and demonstrate real world implementations that showcase the effectiveness of best practices and standards created for the management or delivery of cloud services. Learn more

Cloud Download Center

TM Forum members and staff collaborate to develop and document best practices and tools that are then made available to all TM Forum members. Learn more

“The cloud services companies of all sizes... the cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a democracy.”

Marc Benioff, CEO - Salesforce.com