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Digital Services and Digital Health

 Digital Health

As the worlds of healthcare and communications converge, a myriad of new digital services are being made possible. Everything from mobile diagnostic monitoring (mHealth) to electronic health records (eHR) to robust distance medicine applications (telemedicine) are revolutionizing the way healthcare is provided..

These digital services hold the promise of enabling healthcare providers to be more efficient, deliver better care to a wider population of patients and lower administrative time and costs.

Yet many challenges remain, especially in developed economies. Global healthcare and insurance industries, governments and regulators and digital service providers must all work together for these services to become a reality. That's why we've established a Digital Health community dedicated to exploring these issues.

Anyone from a TM Forum member company can visit this community to see the discussions currently underway, pose a question, suggest a project or get involved. TM Forum members all have access to the work published by this community too. Not sure if your company is a member of TM Forum? Check here. Want to learn more about becoming a member? Click here.

Work Done in the Digital Health Community

A View of the Business Process Framework for Digital Health

An initial set of definitions has been developed to support a version of the Business Process Framework for Digital Health. This new model contains almost 400 process definitions specialized for digital health. These definitions came from use cases explored in previous Catalyst demonstrations focused on mobile diagnostic monitoring (mHealth), electronic health records (eHR) and robust distance medicine applications (telemedicine). The purpose of publishing this work to the industry is to encourage input from a broader range of participants and go from hundreds of process descriptions to thousands across many more use cases. Download Now

A Technical Report on eHealth

If you are a TM Forum member you can also access read the new eHealth Report published in May 2013. This report was developed collaboratively by a team of TM Forum members and it defines the players in the eHealth value chain and their interactions. It also includes a suggested roadmap for tackling the management challenges that will need to be addressed in the upcoming 18 months. Download Now

Compelling Catalyst Projects from the Digital Health Community

TM Forum catalyst projects are multi-company projects designed to facilitate the rapid development of technical solutions or new approaches to common challenges facing the industry. Below are a couple that have been recently organized by members of the Digital Health Community.

eHealth - Curing the Complexity

A team of communication service providers, universities, commercial software providers and health care providers are putting together a Catalyst project team demonstration at TM Forum's event Digital Disruption 2013 that focuses on the interoperability challenges to reveal immediate, relevant and profitable services that improve patient care.

The Catalyst Project Team:
Champions: China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, Orange,
Participants: BaseN, Cisco Systems, Detecon International, Ericsson, ISPM, TOA Technologies
Supporters: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), MedPal

Click here for more details on this exciting project

Defining the Digital Health Value Chain

Members of TM Forum came together in a Catalyst project team to create a demonstration for TM Forum's annual Management World 2013 held in Nice. The team's demonstration illustrated how to address challenges and create new business service models for eHealth, enabling healthcare providers to be more efficient, deliver better care to more patients and lower administrative time and costs.

The Catalyst Project Team:
Champions: Rogers, France Telecom-Orange, Deutsche Telekom
Participants:TOA Technologies, Amdocs, Detecon, Infonova, BaseN
Supporters:  University of Cape Town, Ranck Consulting

Click here for more details on this exciting project

“Mobile technology has the potential to improve public health overall and ultimately to make health care more accessible and affordable for all of us.”

Dr. Paul Jacobs, Chairman and CEO, Qualcomm

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