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GB921, Business Process Framework Suite, Release 12.0

The Business Process Framework (eTOM) serves as the blueprint for standardizing and categorizing business activities (in the form of process elements) that will help set direction and the starting point for development and integration of Business and Operations Support Systems (BSS/OSS). An important additional application for the Process Framework is that it helps to support and guide work by TM Forum members and others to develop Frameworx solutions. it provides an industry-standard reference point, when considering internal process reengineering needs, partnerships, alliances, and general working agreements with other enterprises, and for suppliers into such enterprises, the Process Framework outlines potential boundaries of process solutions, and the required functions, inputs, and outputs that must be supported by process solutions.

The Business Process Framework has grown to include a number of components. These include the Framework with its process descriptions, as well as a range of other material, including user guidance, application notes and assistance in applying the Framework in practice, and in concert with other work like ITIL.

This Release 12.0 is a release of the Business Process Framework Suite, integrated as part of the Frameworx Release 12.0, with updates in the following main areas:

  • New versions of the GB921D “Process Decompositions and Descriptions” and GB921DX “Extended Process Decompositions and Descriptions” documents (as well as other publication formats for this content, as in previous Releases). These encompass the whole Process Framework to Level 3 (in GB921D) and beyond to Level 4 (in GB921DX). This content folds in new updates and previous material now being gathered into the core Model and Framework as follows:
    • New L4 descriptions for all the L2s/L3s in the “Fulfilment” and “Billing & Revenue Management” columns, enhanced to include the 4 new “description types” that are replacing the existing descriptions. The L2s/L3s in the “Assurance” column has previously been enhanced in the same way, and here is being merged into the core Model 
    • New description text for a number of process elements, reflecting previously-agreed changes, e.g., for “Workforce Management” 
    • New input from other domain groups, e.g., Security Management, Fault Management, that has been reviewed/agreed by the Process Framework team 
    • Corrections/updates from various received CRs that have been reviewed/disposed by the Process Framework team.
  • A new "Exceptions (Deltas) for Framework Release" which provides a detailed report on changes in core Framework content (as represented in GB921D and GB921DX) for the release, compared with the previous full release.
  • A new “user guide” application note GB921K “Construction Guidelines for Process Flows.”
  • Two new application notes, GB812Y and GB921Z, with “use cases” prepared by the Security management and Defense working groups, respectively, and packaged here as Business Process Framework deliverables which may guide future work to address these use cases with process flows, etc.
  • An updated GB921F “Process Flows” to copy in the process flows from separate work on the “Quick Start Pack” on Fulfilment (as was done for the Assurance Quick Start Pack in Frameworx 11.5).
  • Note that the previous “DX Package” spreadsheets are being discontinued, since all their content is being absorbed into the Model – but all the content will still be available in spreadsheet form as part of the overall Excel publication of this Release.

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