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Excellence Awards 2010

The TM Forum Excellence Awards recognize global leaders in leadership, innovation and excellence, and give significance to the achievements of companies in the communications industry.

TM Forum Excellence Awards are the most prestigious award of their kind, and attract nominations from all over the world. With a broad membership of more than 700 companies across 195 countries, TM Forum's Excellence Awards are the only truly impartial awards for the communications industry.
Nominations for the 2011 Excellence Awards will be in November.

2010 Awards Sponsor

Excellence Awards Program
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Excellence Awards Post Award InterviewExcellence Awards Winner Post Award Interview

And the winners are...

TM Forum Operational Excellence Award



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 Operational Excellence Award Winner - STC   TM Forum Leadership Award

WINNER:  Amdocs
Leadership Award Winner - Amdocs

TM Forum Solution Excellence Award


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Solution Excellence Award Winner - Huawei  
TM Forum Innovation Award

Innovation Award Winner - BT