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Excellence Awards 2010

TM Forum Innovation Award

Awarded to the TM Forum Member demonstrating the most innovative and successful new service, product or business model.



Eligibility Check List
In order to be eligible for this award, the nominated company must be:

  • A current TM Forum member in good standing;
  • Delivering an innovative product or service to end-users, or one which incorporates a novel business model featuring an extended value-chain of partners;
  • (Preferred) Able to demonstrate use of TM Forum best practices/standards in enabling this innovation;
  • (Preferred) Able to quantify the business value derived from use of TM Forum best practices and standards in enabling that service;

Judging Criteria & Process
An independent judging panel will assess each entry, announcing a short list of finalists by April 8, 2010. The panel will then vote to determine the winner, to be announced at Management World 2010 in Nice.

Judges will look at the following criteria in order to evaluate entries:

  • How innovative and successful is the new service or business model - has it been seen before, and how commercially successful has it become?
  • To what extent have TM Forum best practices and standards been utilized to enable this innovation?
  • Has the company shared its experiences, feedback or extensions with the TM Forum member community in order to improve TM Forum best practices and standards?
  • Is the innovation isolated, or part of a broader change program across the business to unlock new revenue streams?

    Entry Fees
    There is no entry fee for TM Forum members.

    How to Enter
    The period for nomination submission has closed.