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Management World Americas 2011

Executive Program

Mw Americas 2011 Executive Program
For decades, the communications business model was based around connectivity. But what are the value propositions service providers bring to the table in the increasingly cross-industry value chain? Which business strategies can you bet your future on, and how do you achieve them?

TM Forum’s Executive Program is designed to help you identify emerging revenue opportunities and rapidly develop the appropriate business models and supporting infrastructure. Through a series of roundtable discussions and executive interview sessions, experience participatory learning and networking opportunities and actively shape discussions to find practical solutions to your most pressing business challenges.

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For more information and to apply to the Executive Program at future TM Forum events, please contact Claire Ardley.

This year's Executive Program will include:
  • Platinum Conference Pass Status ("Access all areas" pass)
  • Exclusive access to the Executive Roundtables
    • Comprised of senior executives, each roundtable will be a discursive session guided by expert moderators and provocateurs who will ensure a lively, full and frank debate
  • Entrance to the VIP networking reception
  • Private meeting room upon request
  • Your profile included in the Executive Program Attendee brochure.
  • Plus VIP treatment, including:
    • a personalized itinerary
    • a single point of contact for any queries/information/assistance
    • complimentary WIFI
    • VIP registration check-in
    • reserved seating during the keynote sessions
    • access to the exclusive Platinum lounge
Based on your feedback, we’ve added even more for
  • Four new Audience with an Executive sessions
    • These sessions are your opportunity to learn how your peers have successfully addressed some of the burning issues you may be facing
  • Executive summary
    • Roundtable participants will receive a helpful list of deliverables and/or outcomes and an executive summary of the discussion after the event
  • Enhanced networking
    • Opt in/out to share contact information with other VIP attendees
Executive Program Agenda:

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011

8:00 am – 9:00 am
Executive Breakfast* – What it Takes to be Innovative
One of the key enablers of transformation is innovation – innovative business models, revenue sharing, partnerships, operations and systems. And it’s not just operators that will transform. Everyone in the industry from network vendors, OSS/BSS solution suppliers, investors and consultants must embrace innovation and define their roles in the new connected economy.
  • Introduction from Stratecast on “Where do you fit on the innovation bell curve? “
  • Interactive survey including a series of questions that consider:
    • How do you define innovation?
    • Is innovation too risky?
    • Is it just technology innovation? When is innovation worth the investment?
    • How innovative? How soon? How do you decide?
  • Follow up discussion on each questions’ responses with feedback from both the analysts and the audience.

*Breakfast will be served

Nancee Ruzicka, Director, OSS/BSS Global Competitive Strategies, Stratecast, a Division of Frost & Sullivan

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Gaining that Competitive Edge: A Cable Company’s Perspective
Videotron Ltd., a subsidiary of Quebecor Media, is an integrated communications company engaged in cable broadcasting, interactive multimedia development, Internet access services, cable telephony, and wireless telephone services. This Q&A with Marie-Josée Marsan, VP IT, Finance and CFO   will address how Videotron is looking to leverage the next generation of infrastructure and IT to build sustainable differentiation and deliver lasting value to their customers.  The discussion will cover areas of innovation, use of standards, role of IT and delivering an optimum customer experience.

Executive: Marie Josee’ Marsan, CFO and VP, IT, Videotron
Interviewer: Sanjay Mewada, Vice-President, Strategy, NetCracker Technology

2:45 pm – 5:00 pm
Executive Roundtable - Capitalizing on the Mobile Money Opportunity

The reach of mobile infrastructure, coupled with the rapid uptake of smartphones, places mobile at the center of everyone’s lifestyle. In markets where mobile money has taken off, operators play a dominant role in establishing partnerships and robust ecosystems. But the North American market lags behind, partly because the need for mobile financial services is simply not as great as in developing markets, but also because the proposition is not compelling enough. By leveraging some of their inherent strengths such as security, a trusted customer relationship and market reach, service providers have the potential to offer a range of exciting and innovative new mobile payment services to a variety of markets. How can you become a player in a market that is poised to take off? Which business models and strategies are right for your company and what level of investment will they require?

This Executive Roundtable will help you:
  • Analyze different business models and identify the right approach for your company and target market
  • Compare CSP-led verses bank-led business models and identify how CSPs can leverage their capabilities and assets to profit from a market set to explode

Moderator: David Birch, Director, Consult Hyperion

Marc Keller, Global Director of Digital Networks & Mobile, Global Enterprise Payments, Citi
James Anderson, Group Head, Senior Vice President, Mobile/ Emerging Payments, MasterCard Worldwide

5:15 pm – 5:45 pm
Audience with an Executive: Achieving Transformation to Deliver Innovation
to Customers
Keith Willetts, Chairman of the TM Forum will discuss how transformation can stimulate customer innovation, technological excellence and the best quality of service in the evolving market. The conversation centers around business transformation, highlighting key considerations and best practices, with a focus on service innovation and the customer experience.

Executive: Keith Willetts, Chairman, TM Forum
Interviewer: Rob Rich, Managing Director of Insights, TM Forum

Wednesday, Nov 9, 2011

8:00 am – 9:00 am
Executive Breakfast* – Executive Dashboard for Data Analytics and Business Benchmarking
This custom-tailored presentation of the Executive Dashboard for Data Analytics and Business Benchmarking Catalyst will provide you with insight into the full development of the three strategic keys of the TM Forum's Revenue Management Initiative which this project highlights. The value proposition is evidenced by combining Business Metrics Automation certified applications with Business Benchmarking dashboarding, linked to Frameworx-relevant operational views and enterprise-relevant business scenarios, among them:
  • Revenue Leakage
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Churn
  • Proactive Revenue Monitoring
  • Cost & Margin Assurance
This is all tied together by an over-arching Business Assurance theme, tying together Frameworx implementation, Business Metrics System application to enterprise management and Business Benchmarking, and Lean Value Stream Management which is the Business Assurance approach being developed in the Revenue Management Initiative.

*Breakfast will be served.

Moderator: Steve Cotton, Head of Revenue Management, TM Forum
José Gomes, Fraud and Assurance Manager, Optimus Portugal
Dr. Gadi Solotorevsky, CTO, cVidya Networks Inc.
Mark Marinelli, Vice President, Product Development, MDS
John Brooks, Vice President, Analytics Solutions, Subex
Dr. Ronald Angner, Senior Vice President and Principal, TMNG Global
Fergal McGuinness, Senior Manager, Product Development, Wedo Technologies

9:00 am – 9:30 am
Audience with an Executive: Achieving Business and IT Collaboration for Deploying New Services Internet Solutions (NTT Group)
Africa’s largest B2B and cloud service provider are the first CSP in Africa to apply a collaborative product management solution to compete in both the cloud services and mobile product market place. Join the CFO of Internet Solutions at NTT Group to discuss how successful collaboration between business and IT achieved tangible time/cost reductions in their product/service delivery program.


Executive: Michael Oldham, CFO, Internet Solutions (NTT Group), South Africa

Interviewer: Catherine Michel, CTO, Tribold and TM Forum Executive Committee

9:45 am – 12:00 pm
Executive Roundtable – Developing the Right Cloud Strategy and Business Model

Finding the right cloud business model is one of the most important strategic issues facing all CSPs today – even those who believe they have already found one. But one thing is for certain: it’s going to change, because the cloud itself is changing. Should you try to compete straight up with other cloud providers? Is a cloud broker model right for you? Can cloud be your “onboarding” service delivery platform and help glue your value chain together? Do you have to pick just one approach? This roundtable presents compelling visions around each of these strategies, followed by an interactive discussion enabling participants to:
  • Determine the pros and cons of each strategy
  • Work together to establish what it takes to succeed at one or more of the strategies presented
Chair: Colin Orviss, Founding Partner, Parhelion Global Communications Advisors

Tony Kerrison, CTO – Head of Infrastructure Services, ING Bank N.V.
Deb Osswald, VP of Research, IDC

12:15 pm – 12:45 pm
The Work of Making Innovation Work: New Services, New Operations

Top line growth and profitability has never been more dependent on the introduction of new and transformative services. Cloud, M2M, digital wallet, and new content distribution models are all key to strategic advantage, and all require investment in customer-facing innovation in the network. Yet for any one of these transformative new service businesses to emerge triumphant, a concomitant investment in inward-facing operations innovation is required -- the business processes, tools, and infrastructure needed to bring about the new world cannot simply be grafted onto the old. This roundtable explores the critically important and difficult issue of how to match outward-facing service innovation with inwardly directed operations innovation and excellence and will answer:
  • How do you bring the same spirit of innovation required to transform service offerings and customer experience into the management and operations of the network?
  • How do you prioritize and allocate resources in fast-moving high growth environments when uncertainty is at a historic high

Executive: Michael Lawrey, Executive Director, Telstra Corporation
Interviewer: Jay Borden, CEO, Nakina Systems

1:15 pm – 3:30 pm
Executive Roundtable - Developing Profitable M2M Business Models

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is arguably the hottest segment of the market today and many applications have an M2M aspect. Innovative areas like eHealth, TeleMatics, Digital Home Services, Smart Grid, and AgriBusiness are being capitalized on by service providers who are looking to realize new revenues. But where and how do you position yourself for success?

Discussion topics:
  • How to build value networks between the communications sector and other industries to deliver profitable new services • Identifying where to position yourself within the value chain
Chair: Jim Warner, Past President & Strategic Advisor, TM Forum

David Sliter, Vice President, Products and Solutions, Communication and Media, Hewlett-Packard
Roger Dewy, CEO & Managing Member, M2MV, LLC

3:45 pm – 6:00 pm
Executive Roundtable - Driving Intelligent Decision-Making With Predictive Analytics

Analytics does a great job of dissecting past behavior and applying it to future. But what if the future doesn’t look anything like the past? Success in today’s environment means finding your way in an uncharted territory; you can’t just use analytics in the ‘same old’ way. How can you use analytics to help forecast and predict customer behaviors before the market for your product exists? How do techniques such as Predictive Modeling and Decision Intelligence enhance analytics? Topics are designed to help participants determine how to:

  • Practically apply analytics for more informed decision-making across the business
  • Quantify the business benefits of using analytics
Chair: Lorien Pratt, CTO, Quantellia
Kathleen Romano, Executive Director, Verizon Communications
Scott Radcliff, Director, Customer Analytics, The Home Depot
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