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Executive Transformation Workshops

Gravitas Skiier LogosTM Forum has an exclusive telecommunications, media and technology market partnership with Gravitas to offer a series of four business transformation workshops for TM Forum members only. The TM Forum brings to the partnership over 20 years of experience in helping service providers deal with a multitude of issues as they have reshaped their businesses to stay in step with the changing landscape of the information and communications industry.

These workshops will help you drive down operating costs, improve bottom line revenue, reduce customer churn, enrich service innovation, improve business agility and energize your management team to achieve your group’s common goal.

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What is covered in each workshop?
The four workshops include the following:

Transformation Team Accelerator
This masterclass supports the understanding of your organizational context, agreement of the organisational objectives leading to a plan to deliver specific objectives. This is done through –
  • Focussing on individual professional needs.
  • Defining the organisation’s strategy.
  • Bringing the strategy to life by developing a specific organisational focused leadership plan.
  • Coaching each individual attendee in the execution of the plan.
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Transformation Leadership Positioning
This masterclass supports the development of key executives and managers own professional equity and personal leadership style. This is done by –
  • Developing personal leadership style and Gravitas.
  • Utilising advanced leadership communications psychology.
  • Raising professional equity and personal value perception.
  • Inspirational stakeholder and team leadership.
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C-Suite Relationship Accelerator
This masterclass supports understanding the psychology of C-Suite executives and how they view partners, suppliers, competitors and their own organization. This is done by –
  • Considering how leadership styles can be more effective at the C-Suite.
  • Developing a personal plan for C-Suite relationships.
  • Exploring how to get greater penetration and traction across the organisation.
  • Discovering how to involve other directorates, practices and partners to work with an individual’s leadership.
  • Generating team alignment to deliver excellent value.
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Cultural Transformation Accelerator
This masterclass supports key executives and managers in developing their own transformational leadership position through –
  • Understanding the principles of cultural change psychology.
  • Developing an implementation plan.
  • Communicating cultural change
  • Developing a professional leadership position.
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Who should attend?

These workshops are designed for:
  • Senior executives seeking the tools and knowledge necessary to align and energize their team to embrace the new dynamics of the marketplace and wanting to gain real traction in addressing their organization’s evolving needs
  • Individuals and organizations in the information, communications and entertainment industry facing major transformation challenges driven by cost, customer satisfaction, new services and regulatory forces
  • Those who find they need executive and stakeholder alignment or buy-in from both internal and external partners while maintaining growth
  • Anyone with a need to align teams as a result of acquisition or merging of independent entities

Why attend?

You will come away from these workshops with:
  • a set of action plans designed to maximize your individual and team potential in times of major change
  • the capability to step up to the challenges of your business by leveraging your commercial, operational and strategic knowledge to raise your own professional equity as well as your organization’s.

These executive workshops are:

  • customized to focus on your particular needs and tailored to offer solutions to your specific transformation challenges
  • delivered in a highly interactive manner
  • process neutral as is consistent with the TM Forum promotion of standards and therefore require no further external investment (unlike other executive development programs from management consulting firms which require you to 'hire' their services to achieve your goals)
  • unique and independent perspectives on the industry

The workshops approach this process from two perspectives: 

  1. the formulation of executable strategy
  2. the personal preparation of the individual and team to deliver the strategy.

About Gravitas

Gravitas has worked with more than 3,000 global Senior Management individuals and 200 of their teams over the last 25 years helping them to visualize, transform, inspire and accelerate their business to remain viable, particularly in times of major change.