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TM Forum Frameworx

For The Cable Industry

Frameworx for the Cable Industry

The November 2011 release of TM Forum’s Frameworx suite of standards and best practices — Frameworx 11.5 — contains important core extensions and enhanced guidebooks that improve the ability of Frameworx to simplify the complexity of running an operator’s business. The Frameworx suite of standards provides the blueprint for effective business operations, enabling you to assess and improve performance by using a proven, service-oriented approach to operations and integration, which allows you to focus on growing your business.

Frameworx adoption has been accelerating as service providers recognize it as core to their business, not a set of abstract standards. Service providers and suppliers are demonstrating their commitment to use Frameworx through Frameworx Conformance Certification assessments and the use of Frameworx Procurement best practices and templates.

Thanks to proactive industry contributions via the Forum’s Collaboration Program, Frameworx 11.5 expands the standards’ capabilities in improving customer experience, maximizing revenue, and transforming cable operations.

Major new Frameworx 11.5 features include:
  • New Quick Start Packs that enable rapid, out-of-the-box adoption of critical Frameworx business processes in the areas of New Service Rollout, Trouble to Resolve, and TV Everywhere
  • New methodologies for implementing Frameworx and ITIL together, with examples of how to create Business Process Framework-ITIL flows, enabling the practical linkage of existing IT service management to the rest of the business
  • New business metrics, including revenue management and cable operations, that enable service providers to manage their businesses and to improve their results
  • Guidance to assess your fraud management maturity and a directory of prevalent types of fraud
These Frameworx 11.5 features are specifically focused on helping you to transform your Cable operations:
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TM Forum and the Cable Industry

TM Forum is an innovator in the management of digital services and business process transformation. The Forum
  • Provides guidance, expertise, and deep knowledge (~1100 man-years of investment in best practices and standards development)
  • Creates a widely accepted holistic operations model called Frameworx
  • Develops Think Tank strategies for M2M, eHealth, Smart Grid, and other new services
TM Forum provides measurable impact on your bottom line:
  • Boosts operational performance: Blueprint for structured, repeatable, and scalable operations environment
  • Lowers costs and risk: Repeatable processes and implementations
  • Faster time-to-market: Step-by-step handbooks
TM Forum has extensive Involvement by MSOs and suppliers: