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About the TM Forum

Forum Liaison Program

In today's hyper-competitive market, industry convergence and new business models are fuelling the need for proven standards that help to reduce the costs and risks of running a dynamic service provider business. 

As a global, non-profit industry association focused on simplifying the complexity of running a service provider's business, TM Forum is committed to working closely with other associations and standards development organizations (SDOs) to avoid duplication and ensure our standards work in harmony with others. 

TM Forum's Frameworx suite of standards have been developed through member collaboration, and proven through hundreds of deployments. Because Frameworx is used in so many different environments, combination with other standards such as ITIL and TOGAF is common. Wherever possible, the Forum's standards are complimentary to others, and we work closely with a large number of organizations to achieve this.

These relationships are managed through our Industry Liaison Program. For more information, please contact Ken Dilbeck at kdilbeck@tmforum.org or join the Liaison Community to understand and help drive this important effort forward.

To enable members to stay on top of standards development, and the efforts of TM Forum to drive further harmonization of standards, each year we produce a detailed report giving a thorough round-up of the activities of major SDOs which operate in related areas. You can download the 2011 "Standards Development: Leveraging Effort Across the Industry" report here

Organization Name Involvement Level
Project (s)
3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project (SA5)
Active Multi-SDO, Fault Management, The Model FederationPerformance Management
ATIS  Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Medium Cloud, SES
BBF Broadband Forum Active TM Forum Integration Program, Multi-SDO, IPDR
CableLabs   Active Cable,Frameworx, IPDR
CCIATR Center for Cyber Intelligence Analysis and Threat Research Active Security
Comms Alliance  Communications Alliance Ltd Active Business Service, Supplier Partner
CSCC Cloud Standards Customer Council Active End-to-End Cloud SLA Management
DMTF Distributed Management Task Force Active TM Forum Integration Program, End-to-End Cloud SLA Management
ETIS   Active Enterprise Security
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute Active Cloud
 FIINA  Forum for International Irregular Network Access
 Active Fraud Management
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Active SLA, SES, Architecture Group
International Function Point Users Group, Active End-to-End Cloud SLA Management
itSMF IT Service Management Forum Active Business Process Framework
Liberty Alliance   Inactive EIS
MEF Metro Ethernet Forum Active TM Forum Integration Program, Multi-SDO
MSF MultiService Forum Inactive  


 Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium

NGMN Next Generation Mobile Network Active Multi-SDO
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards Active End-to-End Cloud SLA Management, SES
ODCA Open Data Center Alliance Active Cloud, ECLC
OGC Open Geospatial Consortium Initiating SmartGrid
OGF Open Grid Forum Active End-to-End Cloud SLA Management
   Open mHealth  Active  Digital Health
OIF Optical Internetworking Forum Active TM Forum Integration Program
OMA Open Mobile Alliance Medium ECLC Mobile Catalyst
OMG Object Management Group Active End-to-End Cloud SLA Management

Pistoia Alliance

 Pistoia Alliance

QuEST Forum   Inactive  
RosettaNet   Inactive  
SCTE Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers Inactive  
SINET Security Innovation Network Active Security,  Application Framework
The Open Group   Active Architecture Group, TOGAF/Frameworx alignment
UKCeB UK Council for Electronic Business Active Security