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Forumville is your one stop for Enabling Business and Operational Success. In Forumville you will experience and learn about innovative business and technology solutions based on TM Forum best practices and standards from the foremost experts in the industry.

Spending time in Forumville is one of the most important reasons to attend Management World.

Nowhere else can you learn as quickly and with as much authority about how the TM Forum’s frameworks, guidebooks, models, interfaces, and benchmarks are driving cost savings, service delivery superiority, and improved customer care in service provider’s environments. And only in Forumville can you see this come to life with “Catalyst” demonstrations of TM Forum work that can help you today, as well as meet face to face with experts from the TM Forum Collaboration Teams that create the best practices and standards.


Forumville features themed zones showcasing live, multi-member Catalyst Demonstrations, as well as opportunities to learn how TM Forum best practices and standards and programs can improve your bottom line.

Enabling Cloud Services
Removing the Barriers to Deploying Cloud Services
With “Cloud” as the industry’s hottest topic, this zone focus on bringing together buyers and sellers of cloud services, demonstrates key concepts for managing across multiple clouds, and provides education on how cloud services and cloud management using TM Forum best practices and standards improves business across the value chain.

Catalyst Demonstrations:
Enabling Operational Excellence
Tuning your Business for the 21st Century 
Learn how TM Forum Benchmarking, Frameworx, Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID), Interfaces and more can be applied in the wireline, 4G/wireless and cable industries to enable service oriented transformation. 

Catalyst Demonstrations: 
Enabling Profitability through Revenue Management
Addressing Revenue Management Challenges in a Complex and Changing Market
With frequent new services, converged offerings, mobile broadband and other rapid changes in the industry, Revenue Management challenges are larger than ever. Learn what TM Forum is doing to lead the way in addressing and creating industry solutions for increasing profitability through improved billing, data analytics, fraud management, revenue assurance, and benchmarking.

Catalyst Demonstrations:
Enabling Cable Services
Streamlining Cable Operations using TM Forum Best Practices and Standards
Rapid growth of triple and quad play in the cable industry has led to a new set of operational challenges that are impacting the OSS/BSS environments in cable MSOs. Learn how TM Forum Frameworx and other standards and best practices are being applied in cable companies to drive down costs through operational efficiency and drive up speed of delivering new services.

Catalyst Demonstrations:
Enabling New Services & Business Models
Profiting from Digital Media Services and New Business Models
Learn how to more effectively develop, monetize, and manage new products and services involving many third-parties. Come and see the latest demonstrations and learn about the TM Forum’s best practices in managing the end-to-end value chain that the new complex environment necessitates.

Catalyst Demonstrations:
Enabling Defense & Government Solutions
Applying TM Forum Best Practices and Standards to Meet Defense Needs
Defense agencies run and manage the world’s largest networks. These organizations from around the world are increasingly using TM Forum frameworks, interfaces and guidebooks to standardize the way they operate, integrate and implement management strategies. Learn what these industry leaders are doing by visiting the demonstration and information kiosk in this zone.

Catalyst Demonstrations:

[Open Quote]TM Forum's efforts, specifically venues like Forumville; and vehicles like technical and process standards, are moving both the carrier and vendor communities forward.[Close Quote]
– John Meyer, Subex

[Open Quote]I was new to TM Forum and this conference has been a great opportunity to gather quickly information about its main activities. The Forumville was well organized and extremely helpful in this sense, as well as the possibility to exchange opinions with other participants and with vendors too.[Close Quote]
– Alberto Baravaglio, Telecom Italia

Catalyst Demonstrations
Read about the compelling set of Catalyst Demonstration projects that nine teams have put together.  These projects will be demonstrated at Management World Americas in Forumville.  
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Catalyst Projects for Management World 2011
Organize a team and put together a proposal to be part of the Forumville excitement in Dublin. Submissions due November 24th.
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Get hands on experience and knowledge from industry experts by enrolling in one of the many introductory and intermediate TM Forum Training Courses and Knowledge Certification Exams.
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Sponsorship Opportunities
Generate new sales leads and position your company as an industry leader.
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Marketing Solutions Center
[Open Quote]Walking through Forumville is like drinking from the firehose of industry thought leadership and innovation.[Close Quote]
– Ian Emsley, Subex
[Open Quote]TM Forum Catalysts are a great way of working with other vendors outside of commercial agreements, the resulting atmosphere leads to very interesting collaborative work. Furthermore, being able to discuss the merits of these collaborations with customers in one to one sessions is very rewarding.[Close Quote]
– Greg Scullard, Comptel