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Requirements Roundtable Details
1. Getting Started with Frameworx: Frameworx Components, What They Are and How They Are Used, As Well as the Tools to Get Started Using These Frameworks
Kathleen Romano, Executive Director, Verizon
Mike Kelly, Senior Program Manager, TM Forum 
Clive Deakin, Director, Frameworx Product Management, TM Forum

This workshop will provide existing and new members with valuable information on Frameworx, the Frameworx components and information to assist in the adoption and usability of Frameworx within your enterprise architecture.

It will cover the engagement with Frameworx and the TM Forum, the Frameworx architecture, its alignment to other enterprise architecture best practices and deployment and usage. The workshop will give members the opportunity to see how Frameworx can and is used within Service Providers and how it meets the needs of today’s complex value chains and digital services economy.

Delegates will learn how to:
  • Gain greater engagement for the Service Provider Community within collaboration, product management and the Frameworx roadmap.
  • Show the benefits of Frameworx and gain increased adoption from the membership.
  • Receive feedback from membership in terms of requirements, direction and contributions
  • Solicit case studies and specific user experience that shows how Frameworx can be applied pragmatically

2. Enterprise Architecture Transformation

Dave Milham, Chief Architect, TM Forum
John Sheehy, Product Manager, TM Forum
Steve Orobec, EWMP Architecture, BT Group Plc
Kevin Scaggs, Principal Technical Architect, AT&T

Providing invaluable insight from experts and practitioners, the roundtable will be in three parts:
  • The current status of alignment of Frameworx with Enterprise Architecture best practice e.g. SoA, TOGAF and CoBIT , including the TM Forum proposal for a Business Evolution Model to support Enterprise Transformation.
  • Members’ opinions on use of maturity models and Frameworx Baseline to support member Enterprise Transformation using Conformance Assessment as an example.
  • Interactive discussion to establish SP and tool vendor priorities for the next improvement step on Frameworx alignment with EA and EA based tooling.  

3. New Service Delivery for Cable MSOs: Transformation Using Frameworx as the Foundation

Craig Bachmann, Head of Cable Support Center, TM Forum
Jon Anderson, Vice President, Time Warner Cable
Gary Bonneau, Senior Product Manager, Cox Communications

Cable MSOs are developing new services faster than ever. However, these services bring new challenges as new platforms such as tablets are integrated into operations. This workshop is a unique opportunity for presentation and discussion of these new challenges and the need to maintain flexibility and agility. TM Forum’s Frameworx is the key enabling suite of standards for cable MSOs that are transforming their business to positively impact their bottom line. Frameworx provides an industry agreed, service-oriented approach for rationalizing operational IT, processes, and systems as well as significantly reducing operational costs. The Roadmap and New Services requirements driving Frameworx for Cable artifacts will be assessed as the tablet transformation impacts the Cable Industry.

At this workshop, Time Warner Cable will present their cross-departmental effort to define a support model for the new iPad applications and other IP-based tablet services from TWC to customers. The need to identify and manage all the of IT, Engineering, and Operations components needed for end-to-end service delivery is driving a scalable means of communication and a new service governance approach. Among the processes that will be discussed are Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management.

Gary Bonneau, Business Process Framework (eTOM) co-chair and Lead for “eTOM for Cable”, will also present and discuss the impact of these new requirements and how the Frameworx/eTOM for Cable working group is being adapted by MSO’s.

This session will address how to adapt TM Forum Frameworx for cable MSOs (covering IPDR, Business Process Framework for Cable, OSS/BSS, Frameworx ). Key takeaways include:
  • The impact of integrating tablet-based new services
  • The adoption and adaptation of Frameworx by the Cable industry
  • The Farmeworx for Cable Roadmap of deliverables and artifacts
  • Discussions with MSO delegates from American and European markets
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4. New Business Models and Services

Cato Rassmusen, Business Development Director, TM Forum
Matthew Edwards, Director, Cloud Services,TM Forum

Network and traffic based offerings are becoming increasingly commoditized, putting a squeeze on margins. There have been myriad discussions around the convergence of the Web, Media and Communications industries, often placing less emphasis on adopting each individual industry’s revenue model and more emphasis on retaining the old one.

This session is aimed at service providers’ senior financial, marketing and IT personnel and will address a number of key issues including:
  • What are the new product and service domains?
    • Examining new domains including IP communications products such as VoIP, Instant Messaging, and Cloud Computing.
    • What is the business potential for each of these domains?
  • Looking at each domain separately:
    • Implementation as a service versus as a business
    • Alternative business and revenue models
    • How adopting Frameworx can add value to the entire value chain through business process and IT best practice.

5.Commercial Use Cases for Spectrum Management and Network Management Integration Roundtable

Christy Coffey, Head of Defense Market Support Center, TM Forum
David A Fritz, Principal Communications Engineer, MITRE

Please note: This roundtable will begin at 2:00pm.

Spectrum Management has always been a critical element of wireless network operations, but the growing demand for wireless services worldwide is creating congestion which will demand increasing spectrum flexibility, transparency, sharing, and integration with Network Operations. These trends are driving factors in the need to standardize Spectrum Management architectures, processes, information and data models, applications, interfaces and testing.

The objective of this workshop is to explore Spectrum Use Cases for Commercial Service Providers with the desired outcome being increased Commercial Service Provider participation in the Spectrum Management Community.

This workshop will illustrate the need for increased integration between spectrum management and network management systems. It will also
examine driving factors for standardizing Spectrum Management including, Architectures, Processes , Information and data models, Applications, interfaces and testing.

Delegates will:
  • Gain a common understanding of the dynamic processes in service provider operations that directly affect the use of spectrum
  • Understand how TM Forum Frameworx can evolve to support standardization needs.
Defense Implementers Workshop
Meg Sebastian, Chief, OSS Division, Network Services Directorate, DISA
Sri Chakrapani, NetOps Chief Engineer, DISA
Dave Nameroff , Technical Director, Operations Directorate, DISA
Sandi Roddy, Technical Director, Information Assurance Executive, DISA
Brad Stubbs , NetOps Lead, Enterprise Wide System Engineering, DISA
Joe Wolfkiel, Engineering Lead, CND Enclave Security, DISA
Adam Morgan, MITRE
Bob Natale, MITRE
Christy Coffey, Head of Defense Market Support Center, TM Forum
Clive Deakin, TM Forum
Pierre Gauthier, TM Forum
Ken Dilbeck, TM Forum

The objective of this workshop is to encourage the adoption of TM Forum standards and best practices by Defense members as well as encouraging the participation in driving standards and best practices in high interest areas of Defense.

Areas that will be covered will be: DoD NetOps, the Role of Industry Standards and Interoperable COTS Solutions, TM Forum Implementation Support, Next Generation TM Forum Interface Program, Frameworx Conformance Certification, Tooling Overview, and more.

Delegates will come away:
  • Understanding the value of TM Forum Frameworx
  • Knowing how to get started, and how to maintain on-going participation
Download the Presentation
For more information on the Defense activities taking place at Team Action Week, visit our Defense Agenda here.