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Team Action Week Baltimore 2011

Frameworx Spotlight

/sdata/content/PracticesStandards/frameworx/frameworx_225.jpgIn today's communications market - where market saturation and convergence drive stiff competition, and customers expect more for less - the key to success is delivering innovative services and forging strategic partnerships. To do that, your core business operations must be agile, simple and efficient.

Kicking off Team Action Week Baltimore 2011 is the Frameworx Spotlight (July 18-19; Baltimore). In this one and a half day Spotlight, you will learn how the widely adopted TM Forum Frameworx standard is the blueprint for business efficiency.
  • Learn everything you need to know about Frameworx - from its components to its benefits
  • Hear real-world case studies from service providers about how Frameworx has helped them optimize and automate their core business platforms to enable new service delivery
This Frameworx Spotlight is a must-attend event for any service provider looking to streamline their business operations and offer innovative services.

Cable Host Sponsor:   Time Warner Cable

Day 1: Monday, July 18th

Welcoming Remarks by Aileen Smith, Senior VP of Collaboration and R&D, TM Forum

Forum Frameworx: Introduction, Business Benefits, What’s New

Aileen Smith, Senior VP of Collaboration and R&D, TM Forum

9:10am - 10:00am

Driven by the need to improve margin, accelerate service innovation, and obtain high levels of customer satisfaction, service providers are finding it essential to implement new business models and services. This is requiring transformation of their IT architectures to support end-to-end service management and to incorporate high levels of process automation. The TM Forum Frameworx portfolio of best practices and standards are fundamental enablers of these business changes.

With Frameworx, service providers can radically simplify their IT architectures while substantially reducing the costs and risks associated with IT evolution. This session will provide an overview of Frameworx and the business benefits driving its rapid adoption throughout the business lifecycle. In addition, the session will highlight the new features of Frameworx 11.0—all created by TM Forum members through our innovative Collaboration Program. Areas to be covered in this presentation include:

  • Frameworx Enterprise Architecture
  • Frameworx Alignment
  • Frameworx Conformance
  • Frameworx alignment with TOGAF/ITIL
  • Frameworx Tooling and adoption

Case Study: Frameworx in Use at AT&T

Mark J. Arvidson, Core Government Subject Matter Expert, AT&T

- 10:30am

Efficiently delivering technology and communications services to the US Federal Government often involves a number of commercial components; however, the government market imposes a number of unique requirements that are not addressed by most commercial, service-based products. This presentation will discuss how AT&T Government Solutions uses TM Forum Frameworx, specifically Business Process Framework, Information Framework, and the Application Framework, to manage the merging of core commercial capabilities into government-specific product offerings, especially in the data center and cloud services segments.

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Coffee Break
10:30am - 11:00am

Deploying Innovative New Services with Frameworx: Requirements Roundtables

11:00am - 12:30pm

In these 3 hour parallel, interactive sessions, you will discuss and debate the most effective ways to adopt Frameworx in key areas. The results will feed directly into the TM Forum’s Collaboration Program and the Frameworx roadmap. In these service provider-led sessions—delegates will learn how to:

  • Ensure Frameworx can be easily adopted and implemented within your organization
  • Make Frameworx relevant to your organization
  • Drive new services forward by implementing Frameworx
  • Understand Frameworx requirements for specific market segments
  • Ensure that Frameworx continues to evolve and remain relevant across all industry sectors
1. Getting Started with Frameworx: Frameworx Components, What They Are and How They Are Used, As Well as the Tools to Get Started Using These Frameworks

Kathleen Romano, Executive Director, Verizon
Mike Kelly, Senior Program Manager, TM Forum
Clive Deakin, Director, Frameworx Product Management, TM Forum

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2. Enterprise Architecture Transformation

Dave Milham, Chief Architect, TM Forum
John Sheehy, Product Manager, TM Forum
Steve Orobec, EWMP Architecture, BT Group Plc
Kevin Scaggs, AT&T

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3. New Service Delivery for Cable MSOs: Transformation Using Frameworx as the Foundation

Craig Bachmann, Head of Cable Support Center, TM Forum
Jon Anderson, Vice President, Time Warner Cable
Gary Bonneau, Senior Product Manager, Cox Communications

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4. New Business Models and Services

Service Provider to be confirmed
Cato Rassmusen, Business Development Director, TM Forum
Matthew Edwards, Director, Cloud Services,TM Forum

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5. Commercial use cases for Spectrum Management and Network Management Integration Roundtable

David A Fritz, Principal Communications Engineer, MITRE
Christy Coffey,  Head of Defense Market Support Center, TM Forum

Please note: This roundtable will begin at 2:00pm.

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Defense Implementers Workshop
Note: Defense delegates can attend this workshop in lieu of the above roundtables.

Meg Sebastian, Chief, OSS Division, Network Services Directorate, DISA
Sri Chakrapani, NetOps Chief Engineer, DISA
Sandi Roddy, Technical Director, Information Assurance Executive, DISA
Brad Stubbs , NetOps Lead, Enterprise Wide System Engineering, DISA
Joe Wolfkiel, Engineering Lead, CND Enclave Security, DISA
Adam Morgan, MITRE
Bob Natale, MITRE
Christy Coffey, Head of Defense Market Support Center, TM Forum
Clive Deakin, TM Forum
Pierre Gauthier, TM Forum
Ken Dilbeck, TM Forum

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12:30pm - 2:00pm

Interactive Workshop sessions continued

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Delegates will continue with discussions.

Please note: The Defense Implementers Workshop will reconvene at 1:30pm and continue through 4:30pm, with an Afternoon Break at 3:00pm. The Commercial Use Cases for Spectrum Management and Network Management Integration Roundtable  will begin at 2:00pm and continue through 4:30pm, with an Afternoon Break at 3:00pm. For a full list of the Defense activities and schedule, click here.
Afternoon Break
3:30pm - 4:00pm

Engaging with the TM Forum Collaboration Program and How Your Company Benefits

Aileen Smith, Senior VP of Collaboration and R&D, TM Forum

4:00pm - 4:30pm

A presentation on involvement and growth in the Forum’s collaboration program, with examples of how individuals and companies benefit from their active contribution

Drinks Reception and Team Gallery
4:30pm - 6:00pm

Come and join us for some drinks at the Team Gallery. You can talk to members and staff about collaboration projects, and standards.

Day 2: Tuesday, July 19th

Moving Frameworx to the Next Level

Clive Deakin, Director, Frameworx Product Management, TM Forum

9:15am - 9:45am

Already adopted by 90% of the world’s largest service providers, TM Forum’s Frameworx suite of standards provide the blueprint for effective business operations. What makes Frameworx unique and successful is it’s collaborative development for the industry, by the industry. Attend this session to learn about:
  • How you can shape the future of Frameworx and shape its direction
  • The current roadmap for Frameworx, and a summary of yesterday’s priority-setting roundtables
  • Ways to get involved and take an active role in Frameworx Evolution Projects

Download the Presentation

How Conformance and RFx Templates Enable the Procurement Process

John Sheehy, TM Forum

9:45am - 10:30am

Frameworx Conformance Certifications allow service providers and suppliers to gain an independent assessment of their conformance to TM Forum Frameworx. Frameworx RFx Templates standardize how service providers procure Frameworx-based solutions. The benefits of conformance to Frameworx and usage of standard templates include reduced operations and integration costs, reduced risks and improved efficiency, customer satisfaction and business agility. This presentation will give an overview of Frameworx Conformance Certification Assessments and the Frameworx RFx templates, and show how they reduce cost and risk, and help drive new services and business transformation.

Download the Presentation

Coffee Break
10:30am - 11:00am

Workshop: Driving new services. Overview of the RFx process and templates
John Reilly, TM Forum Subject Matter Expert and Distinguished Fellow, TM Forum

11:00am - 12:30pm

More and more service providers see the value of working with suppliers and solutions that are in conformance with Frameworx. They are using Frameworx components, such as the Business Process (eTOM) or Information (SID) Frameworks, as requirements within their RFx processes. This session provides an overview of the RFx support template document and spreadsheets and shows you how to develop Frameworx-based requirements in support of an internal or external RFx.

12:30pm - 1:30pm