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Action Week Madrid 2012

Frameworx Spotlight on Cable

Dates: Monday, January 23, 2012 to Monday, January 23, 2012

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TM Forum’s Frameworx Spotlight on Cable highlights the progress of TM Forum’s Cable Initiatives in delivering ‘Frameworx for Cable’ to support new services and showcase tools, resources and solutions, to enable time to market whilst reducing risk. Featuring insightful case studies presented by industry thought leaders from global Cable MSOs, find out how the cable industry can be radically transformed to maintain flexibility and agility to survive the current competitive climate.

8:00 am
9:00 am
Opening Remarks

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9:15 am
Identifying The Drivers For Migrating To All IP Cable Networks

Peter Percosan, Managing Director, Cable Europe Labs
  • assessing the key benefits of all IP cable networks: greater flexibility, advanced functionality and improved customer experience
  • determining why incorporating IP into their offerings will allow cable MSOs to provide the interactive and personalized services users will come to expect
  • to what extent can the cable industry maximize its advantage over telecom competitors by delivering converged services over DOCSIS 3.0 infrastructure?
9:35 am 
Determining How Cable Is Moving To Deliver “Content Cloud” To Consumers

Ed Allfrey, Vice President, Ericsson on behalf of SCTE

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  • Examining how multi-screen forces the move to Cloud based content to deliver to any device on any network
  • Assessing consumer demand for centralized services that deliver live/linear/catch-up/PVR/UGC on any device
  • Looking at the total cost of ownership of a HDD based DVR versus a cloud based DVR.
  • Assessing how operators are divorcing new services from STB hardware and hence transforming their Service Velocity
  • Understanding the importance of blending service types across devices - cannot have different offerings on different screens
  • Understanding why cable’s network, infrastructure and brand is best placed to deliver the Content Cloud
9:55 am
Transformation and Innovation In Action: From Cable To 4P, From Fixed To Mobile
Geert Van Hove, CIO, Telenet
  • Detailing Telenet’s journey to full MVNO provider
  • Applying new commercial models in a saturated mobile market
  • Movies and minutes: leveraging advanced converged rating to step change consumer intimacy
  • Forecasting the future of cable IP
10:15 am
Cable Growth Path

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This presentation examines B.net as a growth leader in the Croatian cable market, looking at how we grew and how we can continue to grow in the future.

Looking to the future:
  • Unified services
  • No traditional boundaries between fixed and mobile operators
  • Everybody after same customers -all services on single bill
  • User experience is crucial - technology agnostic
  • Non sustainable trend of content rights cost growing in declining markets
  • New business models: horizontal and vertical services integration
Choice of technologies
  • Choice of future physical infrastructure - what to build from now on?
  • Migration to all IP with the right pace- faster service implementation vs network management complexity
Cloud opportunities and threats
  • OTT and cloud computing- in search of the profitable model

10:35 am

ONO: Towards Frameworx Adoption In Network Operation

  • ONO: Overview
  • New services 2010-2012: DOCSIS 3.0 & Tivo TV
  • Increasing network operation complexity: roadmap to Frameworx adoption

Paul Kearney, CTO, ONO

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10:55 am Morning Coffee

Cable Working Group Updates
11:15 am – 1:15 pm

Craig Bachmann, Head of the Cable Market Support Center, TM Forum will be providing a review of the 2011 Cable Initiative “Frameworx for Cable” working groups including:
  1. A Cable “View”/Overlay document for Business Process Framework (eTOM)/Frameworx
  2. Frameworx for Cable Quick Start Templates
  3. KPI Mapping to eTOM
  4. IPDR Next Gen
  5. Joint CableLabs/Frameworx reference Architecture
  6. Frameworx for Cable Catalyst project
The session will also include a review of the 2012 Cable Initiative Survey and discussion of priorities including:
  • Residential services (Video, High Speed Data, Digital Voice, CPE, On Demand, Bundles)
  • Commercial services (Video, High Speed Data, Digital Voice, Ethernet, Enterprise Solutions, Bundles)
  • Mobility (Video, High Speed Data, Digital Voice, Apps)
  • Next Gen Initiatives (Cloud, Mobile Media, Advertising, Next Gen Hom/CEP, Advanced Network, App store, CableLable initiatives, IP Video Transformation
  • Next Gen Services /Applications including:
    • Home Security
    • Smart Meters
    • Sensor Webs
    • Machine-to-Machine
    • Wireless Gateways
    • CDN services
    • Billing for Content Brokerage
    • Green Initiatives

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1:15 pm Lunch

5:30 - 6:30 pm
Interactive Project Gallery

Join us for an hour of interaction with TM Forum staff and project leaders to kick off TM Forum Action Week. We will be featuring 10-12 project is in this interactive session, were you will rotate from group to group “speed dating” style and get information on projects that are of most interest to you in a very short period of time. This event was a huge success at our last Action Week, proving to be an effective way to identify your areas of interest, make networking contacts, and enjoy a cocktail all in one session!;
*Attendees of the Frameworx Spotlight on Cable are invited to attend.

6:30 - 7:30 pm
Cable Operator - 2012 Vision Discussion

About the Roundtables

Roundtable 1: Information Framework - Led by John Reilly

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The Information Framework (SID) responds to the industry need for a shared information and data model. It represents an enterprise-wide information decomposition and model. An information model is independent of platform, language and protocol. One single information model can be used as the starting point for multiple technology-specific data models, such as technology-specific databases and technology-specific interfaces. The Information Framework Roundtable will:

  • Describe what parts of the framework have been developed
  • Describe what parts of the framework are under development
  • Identify parts that should be developed
  • Identify parts that are missing and should be developed
  • Prioritize development areas and solicit volunteers to undertake the work!

Roundtable 2: Application Framework - Led by Kenneth Dilbeck

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  • Review the current state of the Application Framework
  • Discuss the ability to use the Application Framework as:
    • An Enterprise Architecture Tool
    • An aid to the RFP and RFQ process
    • Application Rationalization during Merger and Acquisition or Reorganization and Restructuring activities
    • Other raised from the group
  • Identify any gaps in the Application Framework which would impact its ability to be used in the above scenarios
  • Prioritize the gaps
  • Develop a proposed work and resourcing plan to address the gaps

Roundtable 3: Business Process Framework-Support for Value Chains - Led by Mike Kelly, Dave Milham & John Sheehy

Download the Presentation

Examine and solicit input on how the Business Process Framework can be used/extended to address new service value chains, with a specific focus on Customer Experience Management (CRM) and Business to Business (B2B) value chain.

This will be completed via a general exploration of the value chains and then focusing on specific worked examples to focus on more concrete implementations. While introduction and guidance will be provided via over-view presentations, it is expect that the attendees at the roundtable session will actively participate to generate ideas, provide guidance and set priorities for future extension of Frameworx artifacts in the area of value chain support.

  • Session overview - John Sheehy, TM Forum Frameworx Conformance Product Manager
  • Review/Impacts of Service Value Chain Implementation – Dave Milham, Chief Architect, TM Forum
    • Improved Customer Experience, Touch Points social network and processes
    • Value Chains and Business Models – virtualizing the enterprise
  • Three “worked example” of Value Chain implementation – Mike Kelly, Senior Technical Manager/Subject Matter Expert Business Process Framework, TM Forum

Roundtable 4: Using Frameworx for Enhancing the Customer Experience - Led by Steve Cotton & Cato Rasmussen

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Customer experience management means different things to different people, all of which is attracting much attention in the current environment. Traditional network operators often associate CEM with Quality of Service (QoS) / SLA Management. This tends to be oriented around a “stovepiped” vertical view of the enterprise.

In the digital economy where communication, IT, web and media business come together as one, CEM is becoming the primary driver of digital service provider strategy. This is more oriented around the “horizontal” flows of business management, with an emphasis on product line value delivery to service consumers.

This roundtable will discuss how to use the Frameworx business blueprint to enable transformation to a lean communications provider, enabling consumers and enterprise customers alike an online experience in such away that service providers can get closer to their customers “by letting them close to themselves”, turning the question of who “owns” the customer on its head. Topics include:
  • What is it that will drive customers’ experiences?
  • What impact the online environment will have when allowing customers:
    • Single view of themselves
    • Single point of contact – the web
    • Single view of all their product portfolio
    • Single reporting and billing views
  • How will Frameworx help address these issues and how can we standardize driving out operational cost while at the same time ensure enabling differentiation?