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Integration Framework

Getting Started Pack

The Getting Started list is a series of introductory documents to help you learn about the Integration Framework and how to use it in your organization.

Getting Started Pack Document List

Integration Framework Suite Release Notes 

Business Services Concepts and Principles, GB942-CP
This document focuses on the unification of the interface and information model activities with the Frameworx Business Services

Business Services User Guidelines, GB942-U
How to get started using the Integration Framework as well as how to extend it, focusing on guidance for using Business Services, such as granularity guidelines, implementing Business Services, Tooling for Business Services and other TM Forum Frameworx

Business Services Technical Report TR176
Definition of important advancements in development of the plug and play interfaces leading to markedly reduced costs, a critical aspect of enabling B2B trading relationships.

Frameworx Governance Platform Exemplar - GB945-GP
Captures examples of the use of the Platform concept by service providers in the governance of their transformation programs

TM Forum Solution Framework Primer -- TR155
This primer articulates the Forum’s strategy and response to key industry trends such as SOA, alignment with other

Frameworx Metamodels -- TR177
Describes what goes in to each of our Frameworx, as well as how they can be linked together to solve complex real life challenges

Frameworks Mappings -- GB942MAP
Mappings among the TM Forum Frameworx – the Business Process Framework (eTOM), the Information Framework (SID), Application Framework (TAM), and the Integration Framework -- to produce Business Services).
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