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Government & Defense


News Alert: New U.S. Department of Defense Network Management Policy Requires TM Forum’s Frameworx Standards. Click here to learn more.

Defense agencies deploy and operate sophisticated, global communications networks that must perform under the most extreme conditions and against a constantly changing set of operational and security demands.


These requirements can seem contradictory at times – robust yet agile; secure yet flexible; complex yet easy to manage. Meeting these demands and achieving the availability, delivery, and security of information and infrastructure – all at the lowest possible cost – is a serious challenge.

TM Forum’s Defense Initiative helps defense agencies overcome these challenges by bridging the gap between commercial experience and the unique demands of defense communications through discussion, collaboration and innovation.

Through our well-established Collaboration Community, TM Forum is dedicated to helping defense agencies solve a myriad of communication issues including:

  • Cost and Time Reduction: An unending pressure to drive out costs and cut down procurement timelines to ensure efficient operations with minimal risk
  • Improved Assurance: Maximizing mission assurance by coordinating network performance with mission impact
  • Rapid Deployment & Federation: Rapidly deploy flexible, federated network services, anytime, anywhere across a vast and diverse infrastructure
  • Secured Network Services: Sharing threat and vulnerability information with supply chain partners and allies

Let TM Forum help you simplify the complexity of defense communications.


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