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GB942, Integration Framework Suite, Release 11.5

The Integration Framework Suite has grown to include a number of components. The overall Integration Framework Suite of documents now includes: 

  • A main document: Integration Framework Concept and Principles (GB942-CP) that provides an overview of the Integration Framework, and the unification of the interface, information model activities with the Solution Frameworks Business Services(also known as Contracts)
  • Addenda to the Integration Framework Concept and Principles (GB942-CP):
    • Integration Framework User Guidelines (GB942-U) - This document describes usage guidelines on Business Service granularity and implementation as well as describing the Tooling. 
    • Solution Frameworks Mapping Process, Information, Application and Integration Frameworks (GB942-MAP) - This document details the mapping between the Solution Frameworks to produce Business Services. 
    • The Interface Development Tooling is an open source interface infrastructure that includes the definition of interface patterns and associated tooling. 
    • Network and IT infrastructure Interfaces – This contains all interfaces that support the network and IT devices and will consist of the following interface types 
      • MTOSI 
      • OSS/J 
      • Next Generation MTOSI 
    • Business to Business interfaces – This contains all interfaces that support enterprise architecture to enterprise architecture interfaces 
    • Enterprise Architecture interfaces – This contains all interfaces that support interface within the enterprise architecture 
    • Smart Device Management interfaces – This contains all interfaces that support smart device management
    • Common Capability

For further information on the Integration Framework in Depth description click here

Download the Resource Alarm Management (RAM) R1.0 beta documents
Download the Maintenance, Protection & Alarm Control (MPAC) R1.0 beta documents
Donwload the MTOSI - OSSJ - 3GPP Inventory Interfaces Comparison beta document
Download the MTOSI R2.1 beta documents
Download the Operator User Management (OUM) R2.0 beta documents
Download the TIP Inventory Harmonization Study (FDD) beta document
Download the TIP Cloud & IT Business Services Study (FDD) beta documents
Download the Catalog Management Feature Description (FDD) beta document

For complete details of the contents and changes in this release please download the READ ME FIRST

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