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GB945, Frameworx Solution Methodology, Release 12.0

TM Forum’s Frameworx Integrated Business Architecture  provides a master plan for the implementation of a Service Oriented Enterprise. Designed using service-oriented principles and supporting major software standards such as ITIL and TOGAF, Frameworx provides a comprehensive target architecture for service provider IT. 

The "Frameworx Statement of Direction" is the masterplan advice for an evolution strategy for the TM Forum Frameworx. This is a key document as it not only it covers the Forum's response to key industry trends alignment with other standards and frameworks such as ITIL, but it explains also the TM Forum’s Frameworx’s roles within a Service Oriented Enterprise. This document was originally released in Guidebook format, as GB945-Primer; however, it was subsequently decided that the document was better suited to a Technical Report and was replaced with TR155. 

The “Frameworx Implementation Methodology (GB945-M) is the companion to the Frameworx Statement of Direction (TR155). The Frameworx Implementation Methodology presents the TM Forum approach to implementing and the master plan to and guides us in progressively moving towards service-orientation over a series of evolutionary phases. The phases basic structures support service orientation, from the Business Process Framework’s set of highly cohesive, loosely coupled process elements to their companion groups of entities/objects modeled by the Information Framework (SID), to the implementation of the processes (Business Process Framework – eTOM) by reusable Business Services,  to the cataloging of services by the Application Framework (TAM).

This Release 12.0 is a full release of the Frameworx Solution Methodology, and introduces two new documents: GB945-GP Frameworx Solution Methodology, Frameworx Governance Platform Exemplar;  and GB945-Matrix Frameworx Solution Methodology, Exemplar Platforms Application Framework Excel Mapping.
The GB945-GP application note elaborates the concept of Platforms introduced in Frameworx Solution Methodology GB945-M.  It provides:

  • A review of available high level examples presented by various TM Forum Members.
  • Guidelines for Platforms derived from member examples.
  • A complete non-normative exemplar integrated and linked with Frameworx.
  • A proposal that could be adopted ‘as is’.
  • An example to show how a proprietary Platform model can be linked to Frameworx and the Application Framework Functions in particular.

The linkage to Frameworx has been achieved through the use of the models held in TM Forum Frameworx Repository Model which provides a proof point of how the Platform concept can be used in a practical EA tooling environment.

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